April 14, 2021

20 Underrated Destinations You Should Add to Your Traveling List

If you are looking for new travel destinations to add to your bucket list, here are 2 listed experiences that might be underrated but totally worth visiting.


 1.  Behold the Havasupai Falls in Arizona, USA

Whoever has had the chance to go hiking to Havasupai Falls has been able to confirm that the experience has been unforgettable and inspiring. The creek that runs through the Supai village and into the Colorado Ruver at the bottom of the famous Grand Canyon is bright blue-green. This approximately four-hour or 10-mile hike is truly memorable.

2.  Discover La Huasteca Potosina, México

This fairy-tale like place in southern La Huasteca in the town of Xilitla is the perfect destination to begin your adventure. It is here that Edward James chose to create his popular little surrealist garden city.  Next, travel north to the famous El Sotano de las Golondrinas or the Cave of Swallows. This beautiful bird refuge is especially exciting at dawn.  It’s then that you’ll witness thousands of birds come spiraling out of the cave to begin their daily routine.  Be sure to visit Tamasopo and see the waterfalls too.

3. Rappel Down a Waterfall in Cascada Tamul, Mexico

Cascada Tamul is perhas the best waterfall in Ciudad Valles mountain town in the Huasteca region of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi.  It’s roughly an hour’s drive from Ciudad Valles to this waterfall.  Plus, you’ll need to hike through the woods for about 30 minutes.  All in all, it’s an unforgettable experience.

4. Freediving in the Cenotes of Quintana Roo, Mexico

If you are and adrenaline junkie you will already know everything about freediving. But if you’re new to this activity, you can take a class at one of Mexico’s certified schools. You’ll be taken into cenotes, or deep freshwater caverns, where you’ll learn how to properly hold your breath, dive deep and keep your cool around sea creatures, which are not dangerous.

5. Explore all the Frozen Wonders of the Arctic Circl

Many travelers never consider to explore the Arctic Circle. If you’re considering to put it in your list, you will have an incredible experience. Visit During their summer and you’ll have daylight 23/7 in which to take in the bleak, bizarre landscape.  Here you can go biking on frozen sea ice, and see beluga whales in their natural habitat.  If you like drones, this is a fantastic place to fly them.

6. Cruise Around the Tip of South America

If you’re looking to embark a Magellanian vibe tour on the open sea, cruise around the tip of South America.

Most tourists take cruises in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean Sea.  Not only will you avoid the typical tourists, but see some spectacular sights as well.  Board your ship in Punta Arenas, in Southern Chile.

You will get to see friendly dolphins and majestic Magellan Penguins.  You’ll visit the mile-long Glacier Alley, and famous promontory Cape Horn.  You will be sailing in some of the same waters circumnavigated by none other than Magellan.


7. Witness the Wonders of Sintra, Portugal

Lisbon has now made the list for Europe’s trendiest cities.   Perhaps that’s why travelers often overlook Sintra.  It’s an attractive UNESCO World Heritage site town about 28 kilometers from the capital city.  It’s a fairytale town complete with mismatched architectural styles, unique palaces, and the attractive hills of the Serra de Sintra.

8. Hike at Slovenia’s Beautiful Lake Bled

Experts believe hiking here will become very popular in the next couple of years. This crystal-clear lake backdropped by the Julian Alps even has its own little isle right in the middle.

You can actually take an hourly bus from the capital city of Ljubljana to the lake.  If you’re feeling athletic, do the Mala Osojnica hike.  You’ll be able to see not only the lake, and the castle, and miles of the Slovenian countryside.

9. Explore Shipwrecks While Open-Water Scuba Diving in Malta

If you’ve never gone scuba diving, you can get certified in Malta.  It’s a four-day class that includes both classroom time and time in the water.  Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the water is clear and warm so this is a great spot for scuba diving.  More importantly, Malta is also blessed with coral reefs, multiple shipwrecks, and plenty of sea life to see.

10. Take in the Ancient Paleolithic Cave Art in France and Spain

Southern France and Northern Spain reportedly have the world’s highest concentration of Paleolithic cave art.  Almost 400 caves in Europe feature art from this particular period.  350 or more are found in these two places. Unfortunately not all of them can be visited. However, in Spain, you can easily reach at least a dozen of them from Santander.  They are all official UNESCO World Heritage sites and contain art that was created between 11,000 to 40,000+ years ago.

11.Hike to the San Fruttuoso Abbey in Liguria, Italy

San Fruttuoso abbey is located in the popular Portofino National Park in the Liguria region of Italy.  The closest city is Genoa.  More specifically, it’s nestled in a cove about halfway along a peninsula.  It can only be reached on foot or by boat. If you’re feeling athletic, you can hike to it.  Fly into Milan, take a car south to the village of Camogli/  The trail starts there in the west.

12. Celebrate Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, UK

Thousands of people come to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stonehenge to see the sunrise in this prehistoric place. Visit here in the month of June and you might be privy to the annual celebration of Summer Solstice. This tradition is said to date back millennia and the sunrise is breathtaking as the rays of the sun appear to be channeled into a specific point in the very heart of this mystifying structure.


13. Live Amongst Leopards in the Village of Bera, India

overlooked by tourists heading for Jodhpur and Udaipur, Bera is the world’s best place to see a leopard. This interesting Indian village located in the state of Rajasthan is home to people who actually co-exist with a fierce feline predator – the leopard. They roam freely here as the resident Rabari tribe goes about their daily lives as if it was nothing.

It’s tied into their religion.  Believe it or not, there has not been one leopard attack here in over 100 years.  More than 60 wild leopards consider this little pastoral pace their home. You have more than a 90 percent chance of  spotting a leopard here.  Those are better odds than anywhere else on the planet.

14. Rappel from the Incredible Keshet Cave, Israel

Another important cave to explore s the  Keshet Cave in the Western Galilee in Israel. The views from this cave are beautiful and extend to the gleaming Mediterranean.  The ceiling of the cave has collapsed so now there is a natural arch from which the more adventurous and courageous visitors can rappel and even gaze out over Galilee.  It’s definitely an exhilarating experience.

15. Go Canyoning Amidst the Incredible Hills of Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a very magical place to visit. Unfortunately, trying to locate the most touristy points, people often miss the canyons. There are numerous canyoning trips available whether you’re a beginner or a weathered veteran of cantoning.  Bali’s hills are perfect.  You will become immersed in the untouched jungle,  jump through waterfalls, brave natural slides, and go swimming in natural pools.  You will explore the unspoiled nature of another land with friends and family as you run wild through the island’s lesser-traveled regions.

16. Watch the Wild Wildebeest Migration Across Africa

The Great Wildebeest Migration is one of the world’s biggest animal movements.  It includes millions of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle, crossing across East Africa from Tanzania’s Serengeti plains to Kenya’s Masai Mara.  You can witness different aspects of it all year.  June is when the herds reach the Grumeti River where they attempt to cross this crocodile-infested water.

17. Explore the Ghost Town of Kolmanskop, Namibia

Diamond miners abandoned this town back in the 1950s in search of more prosperous places.  Today Kolmanskop, located in Southern Namibia, is truly a town that time has forgotten.  Visitors are welcome to explore this interesting albeit eerie ghost town.  You’ll discover once happy homes now filled with sand and take in memorable views of the surrounding desert.

18. See Glow Worms Illuminate Caves in Australia and New Zealand

Exploring a glow worm cave is a popular activity.  You can only see this natural phenomenon in Australia and New Zealand.  Some even say it’s  “magical.”

(Technically though, they’re primitive fly larvae, Arachnocampa, found in wet habitats but that does not make this experience any less special.)  Visit Waitomo Glow Worm Caves or Australia’s Glowworm Tunnel.

19. Do Lake Taupo Hole in One Challenge, New Zealand

If you are a golfer you  should take the Lake Taupō Hole in One Challenge.  Unlike normal golf, where you avoid water, this game is entirely based on water as you attempt to get a hole-in-one 102 meters above the shore.  You may win a cash prize of $10,000 on average and be able to finance another unique adventure.

20. Be awed by Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, New Zealand

Last but certainly not least, see the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, ensconced in the Rotorua area.  Spanning an area of 18 square kilometers, it is reported to be an astounding, awesome geothermal spot complete with near-mesmerizing neon green water.  Your trip will be memorable.