April 21, 2021

20 Weirdly Shaped Fruits and Vegetables That Look Like Anything Else but Plants

It seems strange how some fruits or vegetables are shaped, making them look like animals, aliens, body parts or human faces. But as humans, we tend to give a meaning or a shape to things that otherwise would be completely normal.

This is caused by pareidolia, which is the tendency for the incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object, pattern, or meaning known to the observer.

Scroll down below to check out some abnormal-shaped fruits and vegetables that will weird you out.

1. This potato head 

2. Foot shaped like radish 

3. Thumbs up strawberry

4. An eggplant with arms 

5. Hi-5 carrot

6. Butterfly strawberry 

7. This emo carrot 

8. Penis shaped beats

9. The chilling radish 

10. Bunny tomato

11. Duck pumkin

12. The dancing radish 

13. Clingy carrot

14. Heart shaped grape 

15. Scream peppers 

16. This coconut is having a bad hair day 

17. These are cotton pods, but they look like a family of parrots

18. A satisfied mushroom face

19. Duck shaped tomato 

20. Chicken strawberry