23 Y.O. Son Tells His Parents He’ll Never Speak To Them Again After Finding Out They’re Paying For Sister’s Education Yet Didn’t Pay For His

Receiving proper education is one of the major achievements in a person’s life. For a lot of young people, especially those who are academically gifted, it is very important to be able to get into a college or university that can provide them with high-quality education, challenge them, and offer plenty of opportunities. Very often one of the upcoming challenges in this path is finding enough funds to cover university tuition and other expenses. Sometimes parents are the ones that offer to lend a helping hand as they are very concerned about their kids getting a proper education. One Reddit user decided to share his painful experience by revealing that not all parents are willing to provide their kids with the necessary means to start their academic journey.

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Getting into your dream school or university is one of the greatest achievements

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The narrator started his story by stating that his parents always emphasized the importance of hard work and getting good grades. Often times they would mention someone who was studying at an Ivy League school, and how he should take these people as a good example. The man did his best in school and was accepted to one of the top universities that are on the Ivy League list. The user who is now a 23-year-old man remembered the day he got accepted and how emotional he was knowing that he made it to the top. Having in mind how important education is for his parents, the man was sure that they would be very happy with the news.

One Reddit user decided to share how his family made him to decline his offer received from one of the Ivy League schools because they couldn’t afford it

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What happened next shocked the man as his parents told him that he would have to decline his invitation as they had no means to pay for his tuition. The user remembers that his parents even showed him their budget so that he could see for himself that they would not be able to afford his school expenses. The man shared that this happened back in 2016 when he was a 17-year-old who, even at that young age, realized that they really couldn’t cover his tuition.

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This situation led him to go to a state university where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science, after which he ended up getting a job at one of the FAANG companies. It’s fair to say that the narrator’s hard work paid off even without him getting into a prestigious university. But what enraged him was the situation he found himself in recently.

After finding out that his parents couldn’t pay for the university, he had to apply to one of the state schools as it was cheaper

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Through the years, the man successfully finished his studies and landed a job at one of the FAANG companies

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The man has a 17-year-old sister who called him one day with good news. She was also accepted into one of the Ivy League schools. The brother congratulated the sister but asked her if their parents also made her decline the acceptance as it happened to him. The young woman shared that the dad told her not to worry about it as they would pay for her education. The brother was devastated to hear this after being told that they couldn’t afford to pay for his school.

Recently, the man found out that his sister was also accepted to one of the Ivy League schools

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The man was in shock after finding out that parents decided to pay for her education after they made him decline the offer

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It might seem that now the parents are in a better position financially to be able to provide their daughter with the possibility to go to her dream school. But the man soon understood that back in 2016, his dad already worked for one of the FAANG companies and also had the financials to allow him to go to the university of his choice. This made him really upset, especially when he confronted his parents about this. This all ended in an argument and the narrator’s threat to never speak with them again.

Image credits: parents_lied__

This situation resulted in an argument after which the narrator threatened not to speak with his parents ever again

Image credits: parents_lied__

A lot of people online tried to come up with a possible explanation for why his parents decided to help his sister but not him. Some needed more information about the situation as they couldn’t understand why some other options of getting into the university weren’t thought of. Others online suggested that the man should’ve known about their financial situation because they had to provide this information when he was applying for a federal loan to attend a state university. The narrator replied by saying that at that time, he didn’t think about it too much and that his parents took care of that part of the documentation.

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People online became very involved in the story as they were trying to understand the reason why the parents did this to their son

‘Absolute Units’: 30 Times People Saw Something So Big, They Just Had To Submit The Pic To This Online Group

In photography, size manipulation of an object is called forced perspective. Forced perspective is a technique that manipulates human visual perception to make an object appear larger, smaller, closer, or farther away than it is in reality. Think of Italy’s most typical tourist picture with the leaning Pisa tower. Or someone holding the sun at sunset in their palm.

Yet, this post is not about faking the size of the items in photos. Instead, the article is about all the real-life objects and creatures that the human eye is not used to seeing that massive. Even the picture doesn’t do its justice to convey its scale. 

Welcome to Reddit page Absolute Units, also titled “Lads that you’re in awe at the size of.” This subreddit offers a variety of pictures featuring animals, people, statues, anything you can think of that is extremely ‘oversized’ and not at its ‘natural’ size. From giant humans to frogs with unexpectedly ‘thicc’ thighs, prepare to see the Giants (no, not the baseball team).

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#1 Gorilla Hand

Image source: daves_not__here

#2 My Parents Dog Who I Got To See Over The Holidays

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#3 Absolute Unit Of A Toad!

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#8 This Is Peter Freuchen, A Danish Explorer

Image source: Poggypog20

He Completed A 1000km Dogsled Journey And Was Trapped In An Avalanche, He Escaped With A Knife Made From His Own Frozen Feaces. He Killed A Wolf With His Bare Hands, Fought Against The Nazis And Escaped A Pow Camp.

#9 This Bunny Has An Absolute Unit Of An Ear!

Image source: B-L-O-C-K-S

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It Was Used For Hunting Ducks On An Industrial Scale. It Was Proven So Deadly That Nowadays It Is Illegal In Most Western Countries.

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