25 Images That Show the Dark Side of Nature

Nature is wonderful. It is amazing to see all the beauty that surrounds us every day. When we think of nature we think of the beautiful landscapes, the sweet song of birds, the colorful flowers, and just the sublime side of it. However, there’s more to it. Although we try to ignore the dark side of it, at some point is impossible.

When you really get to explore outdoors, you will see that nothing is like the sweet picnic you’re used to enjoying. From bizarre creatures, plants to unusual anomalies, there’s everything out there that will make never leave your house again. But hey, nature finds its way in, even if you don’t open the door for it.

Below we have made a collection that will freak you out. It one of those spine-chilling collections of images you can’t even lay your eyes on for too long. Scroll down below to check them out, and make sure to upvote the freakiest one.

1. This busy owl killed 70+ lemmings and surrounded his nest with their fresh corpses

Christine Blais-Soucy

2. This is a hammerhead bat and is by far the creepiest animal I’ve seen


3. I heard some noise on the roof this morning

4. Gecko eats his own tail


5. Wasps build nest around a discarded child’s doll


6. What, exactly, was the sequence of events that led to this?


7. Mama centipede protecting her babies


8. Cymothoa Exigua is a type of parasite that enters fish’s gills, eats their tongue, and then replaces it


9. What do you do when you see a flying fox in your backyard? (the Philippines)

No that isn’t the camera angle, that is actually one big bat. The flying fox also called the fox bat are among the largest bats in the world with a wingspan of 5 feet (1.5 metres) and a head and body length of about 16 inches (40 centimeters). They are found on tropical islands and the mainland of Asia. As scary as they look, these gentle giants only eat fruit.

10. So many bees in the wall that their honey is leaking through an outlet


11. Haven’t cleaned behind the dresser in months

Did you know that some lizards lay eggs while some give live birth? That’s right, while you will find lizard eggs of geckos, iguanas and monitor lizards, you won’t see blue tongue lizards, Solomon island lizards and shingle-back lizards laying eggs! They give birth to their live offspring.

12. The skeleton of a puffer fish is pretty metal


13. Wingless fly Penicillidia that attaches to bats’ heads and never leaves its body

Piotr Naskrecki

14. Mother and girlfriend found this on the beach today. Any idea what it is?


15. Sphynx cat with no eyes


16. In case you ever wanted to know what a hedgehog skeleton looked like


17. Mossy frogs

A Tree Frog Collective

18. Birds using a dead pike’s mouth to nest


19. Teeth in a squid suction cup

20. Damn nature, you scary…


21. Frog with eyes in its mouth as a result of macromutation

Reptile Hunter

22. My mum’s toilet after a recent flood


23. An abandoned hornet’s nest my dad found in his shed that he hadn’t been in for a couple years. The head is apart of a wooden statue it fused with


24. Devil’s fingers fungus


25. Got home from work to find this tarantula hawk wasp carting off a huntsman spider


26. Was In The Middle Of A Zoom When I Noticed This

Irsal Tomasati

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16 Isolated Houses For The Solitary Soul – The Perfect Spot for Calmness

Living in a city does have its advantages, but even city-dwellers sometimes prefer to escape to some calm places. They need a life with no noisy neighbors and no daily life battles to let their weary souls re-charge. Each day more, isolated houses are rented out to people who want a peaceful place to rest from all the stress and troubles of the world.

Scroll down below to see such beautiful houses surrounded by beautiful views, which will bring calmness to your tired soul. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite house!

1. Little Red House, Iceland

Patrick Sharp

2. Arnarstapi, Iceland

J.G. Damlow

3. Red House In Snowy Norway

Tzvika Stein

4. In The Fields Of Gold, Alberta, Canada


5. Barrier Highway, South Australia

Steven Powell

6. Rice Terraces Of Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Rehahn Croquevielle

7. Saint Cado, France

Philippe Albanel

8. Magical Home, Poland

Marcin Kesek

9. A Tiny House In The Meadow, Lithuania


10. Philips, Alberta, Canada

Brandon B.Report

11. House On The Lake, Iceland

Wim Denijs

12. Little House In Wester Ross, Scotland

Michael Leek

13. Applecross Road, Scotland

Paul Byrne

14. House In Tea Plantation, Munnar

Ulrich Lambert

15. Montana, Usa

Ben Chase

16. Loneliest House in the World / Iceland

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