25 Things That Make You Think “Of Course That’s a Thing”

I can say one thing for sure – the world will never fail to surprise us. Even if you think you’ve seen enough, here we tell you, you haven’t! It’s insane to see how further the human’s creativity can stretch.

One place in particular that collects all these little brainstorms of people, it’s the ‘Of Course That’s a Thing’ subreddit. This community counts 723k people that share things that make you agree for their existence. It is that moment when you see something and you feel like you need to have that in your life even if you don’t need it. This subreddit’s creative content made it survive through 8 years.

Therefore, in the gallery below we have made a selection of the pics we liked the most. Scroll down to check them out and don’t forget to upvote your favorite.

1. Oh Sh*t I Almost Killed You!


2. Turn your house into a mini golf course with these fun vent covers.


3. One and only


4. Storytime chair


5. Shower curtain with pockets


6. A goatee trim pattern


7. Optical illusion t-shirt that makes boobs look bigger.


8. I need this lazy Susan fridge!


9. Pretty fuckin epic


10. Burger buddy


11. Pencils that can be planted and grow into kitchen spices when they become to small to use


12. Cosplay meta

13. Lazy glasses


14. Dead battery? No worries


15. The “One a Day Banana” pack, containing several bananas of different ripeness so that you can eat them over several days. (Korea)


16. Inflatable swan thing


17. Invisible jet


18. 10/10 would read again


19. Catholics vs seedless watermelons


20. Older article, but hell ill do it!


21. A Rubik’s Cube that doubles as a treasure chest. It only opens when solved.


22. This magnetic cookie dunker


23. I hope she’s at least 18 months.


24. Sneaker raincoats


25. Organ Plushies


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16 Isolated Houses For The Solitary Soul – The Perfect Spot for Calmness

Living in a city does have its advantages, but even city-dwellers sometimes prefer to escape to some calm places. They need a life with no noisy neighbors and no daily life battles to let their weary souls re-charge. Each day more, isolated houses are rented out to people who want a peaceful place to rest from all the stress and troubles of the world.

Scroll down below to see such beautiful houses surrounded by beautiful views, which will bring calmness to your tired soul. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite house!

1. Little Red House, Iceland

Patrick Sharp

2. Arnarstapi, Iceland

J.G. Damlow

3. Red House In Snowy Norway

Tzvika Stein

4. In The Fields Of Gold, Alberta, Canada


5. Barrier Highway, South Australia

Steven Powell

6. Rice Terraces Of Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Rehahn Croquevielle

7. Saint Cado, France

Philippe Albanel

8. Magical Home, Poland

Marcin Kesek

9. A Tiny House In The Meadow, Lithuania


10. Philips, Alberta, Canada

Brandon B.Report

11. House On The Lake, Iceland

Wim Denijs

12. Little House In Wester Ross, Scotland

Michael Leek

13. Applecross Road, Scotland

Paul Byrne

14. House In Tea Plantation, Munnar

Ulrich Lambert

15. Montana, Usa

Ben Chase

16. Loneliest House in the World / Iceland

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