January 20, 2021

30 Eye-Opening Photos That Will Prove That You Have No Idea How Some Foods Are Grown

In this day and age, it’s often a long journey from field to table for the food we eat. Never before in history, have we had access to food from around the world. With amazing preservation abilities and quick transport, we can eat pineapples in Minnesota during the cold months of January — even if they’re from a can.

But being so far removed from our food, most of us have no idea what it looks like while growing. You might be surprised to realize that pineapples grow on individual stalks. Or that mustard starts out as a beautiful yellow flower. Even your morning cup of coffee started out as a cluster of bright red berries.

Let’s face it — most of us don’t stop to think about where our food comes from. For most of us, we just assume it grows the way we’ve always imagined. You probably think bananas grow on trees, right? They actually grow on enormous herbs covered in purple flowers. Chestnuts come out of spine-covered pods and peanuts are the roots of flowers.

There’s an entire wide world of crazy food out there. Here are 30 types of food that don’t grow the way you think.

#1 Sesame Seeds

Anna Frodesiak

#2 Peanut


#3 Cranberry

Bernd Haynold,Keith Weller

#4 Cashew

Abhishek Jacob,Thamizhpparithi Maari

#5 Pistachio

Emel Yamanturk

#6 Cacao


#7 Pineapple


#8 Brussel Sprouts


#9 Vanilla

Giancarlo Sibilio,B.navez

#10 Almond

Namacun,Tom Raftery

#11 Saffron


#12 Kiwi


#13 Coffee

#14 Cinnamon

Marcelo Corrêa,Fernando Rebelo

#15 Pomegranate


#16 Artichokes


#17 Banana


#18 Wasabi

J.G. Wang,John Ousby

#19 Black pepper

Scot Nelson

#20 Quinoa

Michael Hermann

#21 Avocado

Joachim Huber

#22 Asparagus

Silas Price

#23 Mango

Tommy Atkins

#24 Dragon Fruit


#25 Dates

Rahel Jaskow

#26 Presimmon


#27 Capers


#28 Starfruit


#29 Jabuticaba

Mar slima,wmlub

#30 Tea Plant