April 22, 2021

30 Gravity-Defying Things To Trick Your Brain

Art is meant to challenge us; our beliefs, our prejudices, even our ideas of what we tend to believe to be potential.

Sculptures are the perfect unit for this, as they let the creator play tricks on the attention and trick the viewer’s ideas of logic. This assortment of sculptures does exactly that. From unbelievable feats of balance on a grand scale to plain head-scratching magic, the list has it all!

Scroll all the way down to check people, objects, and animals that defy gravity for yourself, and prepare to be tricked by these attractive and gravity-defying items.

1. What A Stable Life He Has

2. I Love Physics

Credits: reaneyboy

3. Just Running On Water, Nothing Special

Credits: troyANDabed

4. What Do You Know About Physics?

5. This Stack Of Pianos On A Beach At Low Tide

Credits: itsmybike

6. My Friends Love To Balance Stuff

Credits: loltrainexpress

7. How’s This For A Pringle Ringle Border Collie Border?

Credits: delthehippy

8. This Perfectly Balanced Piece Of Driftwood On The Edge Of The Dam I Photographed. It Had Been Balanced Like That For At Least A Week, Since My First Visit There

Credits: Liskarialeman

9. Here Are Some Bowling Balls I Stacked

Credits: WellThatIsNeat

10. Because Who Needs Physics?

Credits: Daniel Beltra

11. I Don’t Want To Do It Again

Credits: thumb_tani

12. A Japanese 1 Yen Coin Is So Light It Won’t Even Break Surface Tension On Water

Credits: chriskokura

13. Found An Icicle Held Only By A Spider’s Web

Credits: Momizer

14. Gecko Chilling Out On The Water’s Surface Tension Of My Fishtank

Credits: DaveJahVoo

15. Snow Is Curling Off This Roof

Credits: Echobrocation

16. These Magnets Are Stocked Past The End

Credits: cpcity

17. How Do I Turn The Anti-Gravity Setting Off On My Dog?

Credits: Ajubbajub

18. Cannot Tell If Broken Or Upgraded


19. I Always Thought Jesus Was A Shepherd, Not A Husky

Credits: Vladimir Polyansky

20. This Kid At My School Likes To Stack Pencils

Credits: Thethirdrike

21. Ice Sheet Holding Onto Trees After Flood Subsides

Credits: Magical-Latte

22. Who Needs Thumbs, When You’ve Got Things Handled

Credits: iikagenniotonashikukirareyagare

23. Saw These Stacked Stone Arches At The Beach This Morning

Credits: ianhouser

24. Windy Day In The Northeast Caused These Icicles To Form Sideways

Credits: MrWiggless

25. Bro, Do You Even Inertia?

26. Pic Of Noodles At -60°C: Concordia Research Station, Antarctica

Credits: ESA_events

27. The Way My Cup Broke

Credits: cotton-swabs

28. Ice Mold Staying In Place After Driving Away


29. Mountain Goats Don’t Give A Sh*t About Your Gravity

30. My Boyfriend’s Cat Likes To Sleep Against The Wall

Credits: punchahyourbuns