30 Interesting Pics From A Different Angle To Show The Unseen Side Of Things

With time, a monotonous daily routine can numb even the most enthusiastic people. Especially now during this lockdown. The world, however, is an amazing place, full of excitement and interesting things in every corner. So why don’t we take this plenty of time we have on our hands to learn some new, interesting things about this world, or just see them from a different perspective?

From the eerie view of a decomposed dead cactus to the intricate pattern below the fur of a lion, these interesting photos shed new light on our surroundings. They remind us that even simple things are extraordinary, and there’s always beauty in the most mundane things.

Let’s pack ourselves with some new knowledge, so when we gather with friends after this quarantine, we’ll share these with them and make the most out of the time together. You know, quality time together XD. Enjoy!

1# Dún Briste (the Broken Fort), a relatively new sea stack that was severed from the mainland, Ireland, in 1393 during an overnight storm. This is a thousand years-worth of picture.

Credits: Mike Searle -Via

2# The true life of a reporter. One in-ear receiver and a transmitter for clip-on microphone.

Credits: kuyakim_atienza 

3# A look inside an empty Boeing 787 which can hold up to 335 passengers.

Credits: Mass1m01973 -Via

4# A close-up look of an elephant tail. It swats away flies and is also a mean of communication.

Credits: CallMeKudu -Via

5# The inside of a salt mine. Mining for salt used to be dangerous and was done by slaves.

Credits: -sUBzERoo- -Via

6# The microbe-handprint of an 8-year-old boy after playing outside.

Credits: Tasha Sturm -Via

7# This is a ghost heart after all blood is cleaned and only protein scaffold.

Credits: Doris Taylor -Via

8# An actual processed image of a virus from the phages family under the electron microscope.

Credits: Minifig81 -Via

9# Two medical students, M.A. Schalck and L.P. Ramsdell, spent 1,500 hours to dissect a cadaver’s nervous system intact. That is more than 4 months long assuming they work 12 hours a day.

Credits: DerekS428 -Via

10# Gorgeous ice crystals in Switzerland.

Credits: simplywing -Via

11# How the tiger skin actually looks like. They do have stripes down to the skin.

Credits: Tigers  -Via

12# Inside an astronaut’s suit. They weigh about 280 pounds on earth and takes 45 minutes to wear.

Credits: NASA -Via

13# This is a fossilized footprint of a dinosaur in The Bull Canyon Dinosaur Track Trail, Utah. This is probably a Therapod’s.

Credits: moebius-incal -Via

14# The glass frog is so transparent you can see its internal organs clearly.

Credits: Jaime Culebras -Via

16# Baby flamingos are born white.

Credits: ashiruuu -Via

17# A globe that allows blind people to ‘see’ made in 1837. One of the first maps that blind people could use.

Credits: SamwiseGimli -Via

18# Looking at grains of salt under the electron microscope.

Credits: BunyipPouch -Via

19# An albino raccoon.

Credits: ShakeMango -Via

20# A picture of the dark side of the moon captured by NASA from 1 million miles away.

Credits: DSCOVR/NASA-Via

21# This is a square starfish due to birth defects.

Credits: Phil Mercurio

22# Pictures of Aurora seen in different planets.

Credits: nixonico, NASA/Hubble -Via

23# A decomposed dead cactus that left its spines behind. Be careful, they’re still sharp!

Credits: MischiefofRats -Via

24# Sperm whales only have teeth in their lower jaw and sockets for their upper jaw.

Credits: rugbyjames1 -Via

25# The real driver in ‘Baby Driver’ is on top of the car this whole time.

Credits: moniso -Via

26# The surface of a strawberry.

Credits: BunyipPouch -Via

27# These heads from Easter Island actually have bodies.

Credits: eisp.org -Via

28# This Is How Cyclist’s Legs Look Like After Tour De France

Credits: p.poljanski

29# This Is What The Traffic Control Room Looks Like In Beijing

Credits: ThatsJustYourOpinionMan

30# This Is A Photo NASA Took Of A Space Shuttle Leaving Our Atmosphere

Credits: bucsboy24

20 Annoying and Unrealistic Myths That People Unfortunately Still Believe

Since we were kids, we got influenced by our parents/grandparents and the myths they told us. Society has grown through time, but there are some things that haven’t changed since the dawn of time. Things vary from culture to culture, but there are a lot of myths that people disguise as common knowledge, and we just follow them as an unwritten law. However, a lot of these myths are quite annoying. Considering the modern and technological advanced world we live in, we like to have proof of everything in order to believe it.

One reddit user, u/Eichberg, asked a question. What is an annoying myth people still believe? This question sparked some fire on the internet and around 20k people had something to share relating to it. A lot of people shared the myths they know or believe, and we made a list of some of them. Therefore, scroll down below to check it out. And if there’s another myth you know, feel free to use the comment section and share it with us.


You have to wait 24 hours before filing a missing person report – popthetab



People think bats are blind. They aren’t. – Bloodragedragon


Fish only have a 5-second memory. My fish are fed automatically on a timer and they know dinner time better than my goddamn cat. – Osr0




The Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space. First of all, it’s not, and second, other ones are.

EDIT: It’s not visible from space with the naked eye, defining “space” in the usual way as starting 62 miles up. – Plug_5




If you lift your hands above your head while pregnant you will strangle the baby. I am sure it was started by smart women who didn’t want to do all the housework while pregnant and tired. I still hear it every now and again. – Letmetellyowhat


Black belts have to register their fists as weapons… I can’t believe I was dumb enough to fall for that. What’s more interesting than that is one of the reasons (If not the only reason) that the myth propagated:

Wrestlers and well-known martial artists back in the day we’re constantly being challenged in their personal time at bars and stuff. This got super annoying and they just wanted to have peace without people trying to fight them all the time.

Many of these fighters learned that having a “lethal fists” card that they could display gave them an excuse to turn down fights without an argument for fear of “accidentally killing them”. It also worked as a deterrent.- codered434


Bulls get angry when they see the color red…- popthetab




That vaccines cause autism, are made by the government to control you etc etc – Bona-fide1·


Einstein was bad at school math.- el_juanjo


It’s not really annoying per se but the tongue map thing. The entire tongue tastes all flavors – xXBlitzz


That you get warts from frogs. Warts come from the human papilloma virus and come from contact with the virus through broken skin. It is a human specific virus and cannot be spread through different species.

Edit: Apparently people don’t realize that toads are a type of frog. Yes, the myth is about toads but frogs can also be included if they have bumpy skin. Most people can’t tell the difference between toads and frogs anyway.-mtn-cat .




That violence in the world is getting worse and worse. Actually, in relation to the world’s population we live in the most non-violent era in history. The problem is that, while 500 years ago you might have not even heard all the news from within your city, we can now hear all the horrible news from all over the world (and we’re also more people). But still, human interaction and conflict in general is much less violent than it used to be. – mediocre_medstudent1


That if you touch a baby bird, its mother will abandon it because of the smell. Birds actually have a very bad sense of smell.- grmidnight


The five second rule – Appropriate-Wrap-


A lot of commonly believed stuff about the female reproductive system/anatomy, like vaginas getting loose if a woman has a lot of sex, or that having a lot of sex somehow drastically changes the look of a woman’s labia.-iswearimalady



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