April 18, 2021

30 Times Nature Surprised Us With Its Creations And Left Us In Awe

Nature is a surprising thing. Animals and plants can often deviate from the norm, like how penguin eggs can turn clear from the heat. Even when you think you understand the rules of life, there is always that strange exception proving that nature has a lot of things in store for us.

Here we have collected various photos that basically say: don’t toy with Mother Nature…she’s too busy toying with us!

1. Unfortunate timing

Reddit | katiebethwelch

A haboob, or dust storm, met up with a rainstorm over this town. As you might expect, dust + rain = mud.

2. This snail has room to spare

Reddit | ManWithADog

That’s one snail with two shells — wonder if one is a summer shell it uses to get away from it all.

3. These aren’t cucumber slices. They’re lime slices.

Reddit | you_thought_it_first

4. Your eyes are not deceiving you — those pine cones are indeed blue

Reddit | SqueakytheTalon

Apparently, some varieties of fir can grow blue cones.

5. Guess this guy will be shaving for the rest of his life

Reddit | RichSlamfist

Growing a beard would just look weird when your whiskers only grow on one cheek, don’t you think?

6. The things vet techs notice sometimes amazes me.


The little infinity symbol swirls on this doggo’s toes. Here’s hoping they bring good luck to the pooch!

7. This tulip has a single two-toned petal.

Reddit DRock86ak

8. On a much larger two-toned scale, check this out.

Reddit | CMazza8

It’s actually three different trees — two red and one green — but they’ve grown together so well that they look like a single tree.

9. I guess sometimes eggs are laid without shells.

Reddit | Yogibear

10. This snake has snazzier facial hair than I ever will.

Reddit | wpen

11. The little fungus that could?

Reddit | DeliciousNoonNap

It takes a determined mushroom to force its way up from the earth through asphalt.

12. Speaking of determination, how about a tomato plant growing out of a drain?

Reddit | eyadsd

13. When nature provides its splendorous bounty.

Reddit | Filthy_Weeb_Slayer

14. There was an accidental Van Gogh inside this log.

Reddit | TeePost

I don’t know whether you call it “Starry Wood” or “Woody Night” but either way, nature did some art here.

15. When plants want sunlight, they go for it

Reddit | glorygonememory

Never seen a cactus reach out an arm like that for the precious vitamin D before.

16. Not what you would expect to see if someone told you this was a crystal, right?

Reddit | oveikko

17. Now this looks more properly mineral, at least in shape.

Reddit | ExoticCrystals

In color, it’s not so vibrant, or shiny, but it IS unusual, which is because there’s iron in that there quartz, causing the rusty hue.

18. This person marveled at the odd length of their fingers.

Reddit | BadOrange84

19. And then there’s this person’s oddly jointed thumb.

Reddit | Afiqypls

20. Speaking of good party tricks and thumb joints…

Reddit | Raice19

21. No, this egg isn’t wrapped up oddly…Stress, disturbances, and even diseases can cause chickens to lay weirdly shaped eggs.

© chickenwrangler45 / Reddit

22.This bird-flower, the Moth Orchid, is such a lovely shade of purple.

© mybustersword / Reddit

23. Insert the “He grew a foot over the summer” joke here.

© Imgur

24. In the Maldives, dinoflagellates, a type of phytoplankton, have a chemical reaction that creates a glowing, blue light!

© the_will_of_me / Instagram© visitmaldives / Instagram

25.The glasswing butterfly’s friends must love making “You’re so transparent” jokes…

Eddy Van 3000

26. In Morocco, goats have been to known to climb Argania trees to eat their fruit.


27. “I found a yellow Grasshopper in my garden today.”

© FACE_MEAT / Reddit

28. Some dragonflies can be red.

© UltraBloodWing / Reddit

29. I saw an albino peacock today.”

© BlkViper188 / Reddit

30. A blue carpenter bee, that breaks all the stereotypes