April 22, 2021

20+ Unexpected Findings That Raise a Million Questions

A famous saying goes ‘Sometimes what you are looking for shows up only when you stop looking.’ We have reason to believe that the statement also relates to the times when you don’t even think to look for something but stumble upon a very unexpected item hidden in the labyrinth of the universe… or in your remote control.

So check the unexpected items spotted below, and if you have spotted something bizarre yourself, feel free to share it in the comments!

1# “My friend’s truck that he parked at his parents’ house around 10 years ago has a tree growing from behind the bumper.”

Credits: © holyshitba11s /reddit

2# This piece of cheese looks like marble.

Credits: © VelvetGloveinTO / reddit

3# “I found this Spiderman-frog figurine in Mexico”

Credits: © Brunoise6 / reddit

4# The gutters of San Francisco’s Buena Vista Park are paved with 1800s tombstones.

Credits: © 4152510 / reddit

5# “There’s about 4-5 of these concrete shoes scattered around my town. Nobody knows who made them or why.”

Credits: © melodysblack / reddit

6# “I found this strange message on a banana yesterday.”

Credits: © TheGirlKing / reddit

7# Road workers played a game of tic-tac-toe here.

Credits: © midwestcsstudent / reddit

8# “Look what my parents found on their hike. I’m scared.”

Credits: © WantedOnAVoyage / reddit

9# “A plant grew through the cement.”

Credits: © PyromaniacWulf / reddit

10# “This stump with a face carved into it that I found on a random street in Rome”

Credits: © StupidSega / reddit

11# “Found a bush in the shape of a car.”

Credits: © ThatGuyJimFromWork / reddit

12# This abandoned loading dock that turned into a mini swamp ecosystem.

Credits: © your_pancakefulness / reddit

13# The pattern in this watermelon looks magnificent.

Credits: © tinman2k / reddit

14# “This rock has been painted to look like a VHS tape.”

Credits: © Operator_81 / reddit

15# This leaf was chewed up into a nice and symmetrical design.

Credits: © LlamaLia / reddit

16# “My ice cream came without the cone.”

Credits: © Pepperoni-Ghost / reddit

17# “This reindeer horn my grandpa found is shaped like the animal it belonged to.”

Credits: © glowzticz / reddit

18# “This huge foosball table”

Credits: © CankaYarlo / reddit

19# “I found this Mario coin in the Houston area.”

Credits: © iloveeverysinglecat / reddit

20# A pattern in this cucumber matches experiments done on the sound vibrations in fluids.

Credits: © Roberticus123 / reddit

21# “This cereal bar I found in Spain”

Credits: © portajohnjackoff / reddit

22# A tomato growing more tomatoes.

Credits: © BillyG04t / reddit

23# A tree with a magnificent pattern

Credits: © unknown user/ reddit

24# “I bet it still works.”

Credits: © OctopussSevenTwo/ imgur

25# “These roots that outgrew their spot.”

Credits: © unfulfillingprophecy / reddit

26# Not useful, but nice try on the Eco approach!

Credits: © RequiemForATaco/Reddit