40 Lesser-Known Facts About Animals That Are Quite Awe-Inspiring

With an estimated 7.77 million species of animals on the planet, the animal kingdom is an undeniably diverse place. But while the breadth of earthly biodiversity may be well known, the incredible things our animal counterparts can do are often hidden to humans.

This Reddit community titled “Awwducational” created in November 2012, it has become home to some of the most amusing educational facts you’d love to share on your next trivia round with friends. The best part: they all have to do with the most wholesome furry creatures out there, from cute possums and giggling rats to playful cows and the slow-mo sloths.

Scroll down if you’re ready to learn some interesting animal facts that will surely feed your curious minds and warm up your hearts. Spread the good vibes and share this fascinating post to your friends to lighten up their spirits as well. It’s time to reveal the animal kingdom’s most intriguing secrets through these interesting animal facts.

#1 Trained African Giant Pouched Rats Have Found Thousands Of Unexploded Landmines And Bombs. Researchers Have Also Trained These Rats To Detect Tuberculosis. And Most Recently They Are Training Them To Sniff Out Poached Wildlife Trophies Being Exported Out Of African Ports


#2 In Most Western Cultures, Black Cats Are Considered A Bad Omen. But In Scottish Lore, The Arrival Of A Strange Black Cat Signifies Prosperity


#3 Cheetahs Are So Shy That Zoos Give Them Their Own Emotional “Support Dogs”


Reddit user u/IchTanze, who has been moderating r/awwducational for 5 years now, said that the cool title of the subreddit refers to the “aww” reaction to insects, flowers, baby animals, or a critically endangered species. “‘Aww is in the eye of the beholder’ as we say,” he said.

Meanwhile, “The educational component is what gets added in the comment section, where the user must provide a source for their fact in the title that is either peer-reviewed, from a highly reputable source, or has citations from one of the above to back it up.” Most importantly, the community wants their users to learn something.

#4 Capybaras Are Social Animals, Who Get Along With A Large Variety Of Other Animals, Including Chickens, Ducks, Dogs, Cats, Llamas, Rabbits And Turtles


#5 Opposums Get A Lot Of Hate, But They Clear Many Unwanted Bugs And Parasites From The Ecosystem And Are Generally Helpful Friends. Please Appreciate Them, Especially This Good Boy


#6 Alex, The African Grey Parrot, Is The Only Animal To Ever Ask An Existential Question. He Asked “What Color” He Was


Another senior user u/AGreatWind commented that they allow content about natural history as well as “animals and plants of all kinds, even if their cuteness may be… subjective.” The moderator said that users provide a source for their fact, which must link to peer-reviewed research or an article that links to peer-reviewed research, which is then verified by a member of the mod team.

“Our mod team is a diverse group of animal lovers, enthusiasts, and scientists from a range of backgrounds spanning ecology, biophysics, and infectious disease.”

u/AGreatWind also said that it’s a lot of work as each post needs to be attended to, but the community enjoys it since they “get to learn new things every day.”

#7 A Sloth’s Claws Work The Opposite Way That Human Hand Does. The Default Position Is A Tight Strong Grip, And Sloths Must Exert Effort To Open Them Up. This Is Why Sloths Don’t Fall Out Of Trees When They’re Asleep


#8 Cows Have “Eureka” Moments, And Take Pleasure In Their Own Learning Achievements


#9 Scientists Know That Rats Like To Have Their Bellies Tickled, So They Used That As Basis For Testing Happiness In Rats. They Found Out That The Ears Of Rats Undergoing Tickling Became Droopier And Pinker – Subtle Signs Of Being Relaxed And Happy


Redditor u/AGreatWind said that in his time as a moderator here, “we went from 50,000 subscribers to over 2 million. In that time, we have maintained a consistent approach to verification and civility.” Thus, u/AGreatWind likes to think of /r/Awwducational as “a big little sub.”

“We are rather large by subscriber count, but the community still feels small because of the interaction and cooperation we have with them. We try to engage with and listen to our subscribers rather than try to herd them, much as we did when there were only a few thousand.”

In the r/awwducational community, the users make it as much as the mod team. “So often someone in the comments has a remarkable insight about a post’s subject animal, be it cooperation amongst lab rats, newly discovered birds of paradise, or the hyoid mechanics of a snow leopard’s voice box. It’s fantastic!”

#10 Seagulls Stomping On Grass Is Called, The Rain Dance. This Mimics Rain By Vibration, And Brings Earthworms And Other Bugs To Surface

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#11 The Opossum Is North America’s Only Marsupial, They Can Eat 5000 Ticks A Year And Are Almost Immune To Rabies! Their Body Temperature Is Too Low For The Virus To Survive!


#12 Lynx Have Evolved Enormous Paws To Distribute Weight Better In Snow, Acting Like Natural Snowshoes


#13 The Aardvark, Alphabetically The First Animal, Plays An Important Role In Preventing Wildlife Deaths From Fire. They Dig Large Underground Burrows That Wildlife Can Hide In During Fires


#14 Blue Penguins Are The Smallest Type Of Penguin. Adults Reach Only 12-13in Tall. Owing To Their Small Size And Bright Color They Are Often Called Fairy Penguins


#15 The Burmese Star Tortoise Is One Of The Few Animals That Have Comeback From Being Called Functionally Extinct


#16 A University Of Chicago Study Found That Rats Are Just As Capable Of Empathy As Humans


#17 When In Danger, The Malabar Giant Squirrel Often Freezes Or Flattens Itself Against The Tree Trunk, Instead Of Fleeing


#18 The Northern Cardinal Is Probably The Most ‘Romantic’ Bird Species: They Mate For Life, Travel Together, Sing Before Nesting, And During Courtship, Feed Seed Beak-To-Beak


#19 150 Kākāriki Karaka Chicks Have Hatched This Season, Potentially Doubling This Rare Birds Population


#20 The Mangalica Is The Only Pig Species Covered In A Long Wool Coat, Similar To A Sheep’s


#21 The Pudú Deer Is The Smallest Species Of Deer Standing At 15 Inches Tall On Average


#22 The Milk Of Pinnipeds Consist Of Up To 60% Fat, Allowing The Young To Grow Fairly Quickly. Pups Can Gain Over 2.2 Kg (4.9 Lb) Per Day While Nursing


#23 A Newborn Chinese Water Deer Is So Small It Can Almost Be Held In The Palm Of The Hand. When It Matures, Instead Of Growing Antlers, They Grow Long Upper Canine Teeth Gaining Them The Name “Vampire Deer”


#24 Aardwolves Are Shy And Nocturnal, Sleeping In Underground Burrows By Day. They Have Often Been Mistaken For Solitary Animals. In Fact, They Live As Monogamous Pairs With Their Young


#25 Cows Have Similar Emotional Range As Dogs. They Display Boldness, Shyness, Fearfulness And Even Playfulness


#26 Gibbons Are One Of The Only Non-Human Primates Which Practice Monogamy. Both Parents Play A Vital Role In Raising Of Their Young


#27 Sand Cats Specialize In Surviving In The Desert. They Are Not Good Climbers Or Jumpers, But They Are Excellent Diggers. They Use Their Digging Ability To Dig Shallow Burrows To Escape The Heat Of The Desert During The Day


#28 Secretary Birds Are Famous For Its Snake-Stomping Legs; A Single Kick Delivered Some 195 Newtons Of Force. They Are Also Famous For Their Long Eyelashes


#29 Pigs Have Episodic Memory. It Is Likely That They Can Replay And Feel Past Experiences In Their Heads


#30 Flamingo’s Pink Coloring Comes From The Shrimp They Eat, And In 1992 In The Miami Zoo They Had To Stick The Flamingos In The Bathroom To Ride Out Hurricane Andrew


#31Van Kittens Are Initially Born With Pale Blue Eyes, Which Change To A Deeper Blue Or Amber As They Grow Older. Occasionally, You’ll Also See A Van With One Amber Eye And One Blue Eye, Or Two Blue Eyes Of Different Hues


#32 Despite Their Appearance, Elephant Shrews Are In Fact More Closely Related To Elephants Than Shrews


#33 This Is The Raccoon Dog, The Only Extant Species In The Genus Nyctereutes. It’s A Close Relative Of True Foxes And The Only Canid Known To Hibernate During The Winter


#34 The Okapi’s Closest Realative Is The Giraffe. Okapis Were Descovered In 1901. Unfortunately, They Are Now Endangered


#35 Tigers Are Carnivores, But Will Eat Fruit In Order To Ease Digestion

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#36 The Asiatic Black Bear Has The Largest Ears Of Any Bear Species


#37 Rats Giggle When You Tickle Them. Their Voices Are So High-Pitched You Need Special Equipment To Hear Them, But When You Do, Their Laughs Are Immediately Evident


#38Adult Giraffes Only Sleep For A Couple Of Minutes At A Time. Baby Giraffes Will Sleep For Much Longer Periods Of Time With Their Head Resting On Their Rump


#39 The Eyes Of The Blunthead Tree Snake Make Up Approximately 26% Of Its Head


#40 Done Brushing Your Dog? Birds Love Using The Hair To Build Nests. Set Aside One Birdfeeder To Fill With Hair

5 months ago

20 People Share The Frugal “Hack” That Made The Most Difference In Their Lives

Cryptocurrency is not doing too great, UK inflation hits a 40-year high, one kilogram of cherries costs 35€, real estate prices have sky-rocketed, and have you seen the petrol prices? The times are tough, man.

It’s time to start saving up, like seriously. No more “next month.” Prepare that dinner at home tonight. But on a serious note, everything gets more expensive each day, and, unfortunately, the numbers on paychecks don’t grow at the same rate as prices do.

Recently, a Reddit user asked fellow members of the Frugal community to share “The most frugal hack you’ve discovered that made the most difference,” and folks delivered. Look at some of the money-saving tips people have shared that made the most dent in their life. Do you use any of these tips? Perhaps you have more ‘frugal’ tips to add to the list?

More info: Reddit


Image source: OneFingerIn, Max Delsid

It’s not a hack of any sorts, but learning how to cook really well has been my best money saver. I almost never want to go out, because I can generally cook better food at home.

Today’s dinner (egg roll in a bowl made with marinaded chicken thighs) came out to less than $2 per portion and was within my veggie-heavy diet.


Image source: barkle, Nick Page

Hang drying clothes helps them last longer


Image source: PuffinStuffinMuffins, Waldemar Brandt

Being environmentally conscious. You’d be surprised with how much overlap there is between frugal and sustainable living. It’s the mindset more than anything else that cuts down my expenses.
I buy second hand. Catch public transport. Gone vegetarian. Bring my own package free snacks. Learned to repair clothes. Compost to feed the garden that feeds me. I use reusable hygiene products (cups and safety razors). I use tea towels instead of paper towels. I use soap bars rather than liquid soaps that come in plastic containers (they last waaay longer). I buy quality clothes/electronics that last longer. I use my library rather than buying physical books. And most importantly, I’ve stopped buying plastic garbage I don’t need.


Image source: artlessdodger10, Creative Christians

Put stuff in a virtual cart. Leave it. Mull it over for a few days. The urge usually passes, and that’s when I realize it wasn’t a real need and something else — boredom, insidious advertising, etc.


Image source: deltacurious, National Cancer Institute

Any meds that are out of pocket, I asked the doc to prescribe the generic ones


Image source: nava08al, Sincerely Media

– Taking advantage of residual heat when cooking saves me on gas and electricity.
– Learning how to make sauces (mostly for Asian dishes) and dressings from scratch.
– Not buying cleaning products for every part of the house. If you have bleach, dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda, you’re pretty much set for any mess in the house.
– Making a list of the dishes you most frequently make
– Setting a time limit for certain appliances. For instance, I’ll only turn on the TV after 7pm and I’ll try to towel dry my hair to keep hair dryer use at a minimum.


Image source: MotherOfGeeks, Becca McHaffie

I buy all my furniture and clothes (except underwear) in thrift stores.


Image source: ThatChicagoDuder, Funky Tee

Some of these are kinda weird but here we go:

1) Get a bidet: it takes a little bit to get used to, but once you do, you’ll never feel cleaner. That and your TP will go a lot longer.

2) Get a bunch of old rags and wash & reuse them instead of paper towels or anything to wash your hands. You can usually find these cheap if you look around and will save you a ton of money in the long run compared to paper towels.

3) Costco Membership: costco is extremely brand conscious and their products are really high quality and depending on what you buy, can last you a considerable amount of time. More so, the buying in bulk helps out, their gas is noticeably cheaper than anywhere else, and their customer service and the way they treat their employees is light years ahead of any other retailer i ever dealt with.

4) Switch to LED bulbs – they last longer, are cost effective now to other lightbulbs and use a fraction of the energy so you save more money too.

5) Make sure you keep your tire pressure right and to also change air filters yourself. These seem like easy things to gloss over but will save you a ton of money on getting better gas mileage and also just saving you maintenance costs as well. Also, the air filter replacements at most garages cost for some reason way more than they should. Go on YouTube and you’ll find videos of how to do it, and you’ll be more well-rounded. It’s pretty dang easy.

6) Get sleep (and a good mattress if you can). I found i spend more money or dont function as good and spend more time on needless stuff/redoing things if im sleep deprived. Getting that good sleep is free and you’re health and happiness…..health is wealth!


Image source: ss111, Alexander Mils

Budgeting with cash envelopes. Having a budget for everything has been the ultimate frugal hack. Do I want to spend my $60 food budget on a takeout dinner or go wild at an outlet store and get two weeks worth of food?


Image source: Seminolehighlander, Van Tay Media

Sharing streaming services with friends/library card (so easy to get, please just do yourself a favor and check out your library’s requirements).


Image source: Neither-Welder5001, Volha Flaxeco

Buy good quality clothes, learned basic sewing and hemming to tailor them and look good. I air dry them and they look good for a long time.
Sometimes there are great sales on jeans that are too long for my size. I learned to sew a French hem to keep the original hem.


Image source: Exekiel, Markus Spiske

Having spares. Took me a long time to get my wife to do this. You have a toothpaste, or a tin of coffee or whatever. The next time it goes on sale, you buy it, even if it’s next week. Then once you finish the first and open the second you watch for sales again.


Image source: Lopsidedlopside, Artem Makarov

Cutting my sponges in half. There’s nothing a whole sponge can do that a half one can’t. It’s easily the most simple frugal thing I’ve done that literally doubled my life of a product.


Image source: dahlhouse21, Dan Gold

Definitely growing our own veggies and herbs! I dry the herbs and use all winter!


Image source: dayglo_nightlight, r. nial bradshaw

This is more environmental than frugal, but I started using kitchen towels instead of paper towels for most tasks. A roll of paper towels used to last me two weeks. Now I buy a three pack once a year.


Image source: very-simple-guy, Irma Sophia

I am dying my black clothes black, its great. The stuff looks like new, even though i had those short pants for 14 years


Image source: GiveMeThePeatBoys, Millie Mae

I can’t stress this enough. Porridge for breakfast. It’s roughly €0.06 per person if you only added water and salt. With a little milk, fruit, and other toppings it can still be as little as €0.50 per person. Plus oats keep you full for a long time and are amazing for your health.

Here in Ireland a 1.5kg bag of rolled oats is €3. You don’t need to spring for expensive brand names. Any rolled oats will do.

Mix 0.5 cups of dry oats with 1.5 cups of any preferred liquid per person. Leave this mixture in a saucepan on medium heat and walk away for 15 to 20 minutes. Go take a shower. Get dressed, etc. Cooking oats slow gives them their creaminess. When you come back, give it a couple of stirs and add more liquid if you like a creamier consistency. Add your desired topping. And that’s it. Even plain salted porridge with a little bit of milk can be really delicious and very easy on the stomach. It’s actually really great hangover food.


Image source: ReadingReddit9898, Leif Christoph Gottwald

We keep two 5L bottles by the shower and fill them up before taking a shower so we aren’t wasting the running water while waiting for the water to be hot enough to shower. We then use this water to mop the floor and water plants. It has actually reduced our water bill quite a bit and helps us save water.


Image source: sydj_k941, Burst

Using curbside pickup through my local grocery store app. My account is connected, so I get points and can apply discounts from the ad. But the main takeaway is that I have removed all temptation to buy things I don’t need! It probably cut my grocery bill at least in half at this point.


Image source: _-Mayday-_, Rebecca Manning

Woman here:
Menstrual cup a one time expense that may last for up to 10 years. I’ve had mine for 5 years and I really I had known about these since my early 20s.

Safety razor, I think I paid like $15 bucks for it and a 250 pack replacement razors. It’s been 5 years and still haven’t had to buy more.

Bonus is less stuff going to landfills.

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