April 23, 2021

Adorable Footage of Bumblebees Falling Asleep Inside Flowers

We all know the function the bees play for our environment. They are one of the most hard-working insects that pollinate crops and play a crucial role in the ecosystem. These little insects support the growth of several plants that serve as food and shelter for many.

Knowing the importance they have for our nature, we want to make sure that we have them around for as much as possible.

Unfortunately, lately, we have noticed a decrease in the number of their presence. The reasons for that to happen are several, mostly because of pesticides, viruses, and such but also because of climate change which results in some flowers blooming earlier or later than usual. This causes the bees to be left without food resources and suffer habitat loss.

But if we focus on the ones that we have around we can say that they really need a good nap for all the effort they give. After all the hard work they do, they surely need some rest. To witness this sweet moment, some photographers have been lucky enough to capture the delicate moment of bees taking a nap in flowers with pollen all over them. Scroll down below to see this sweetness with your own eyes.