Amazing Shot of the Bald Eagle Forming a Perfect Circle With Its Body and Reflection

Steve Biro is a wildlife photographer who has been exercising his passion for over 10 years. As much as he tries to focus on wildlife in general, birds seem to be his specialty. Biro spends hours watching their behaviors and trying to capture the best shot that portrays them in their own habitat.

Biro shares his work with his Instagram followers, where so far he counts over 34k. His work doesn’t go unnoticed for sure. One of his shots that got the most attention was the Bald Eagle Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Ontario.


The photographer captured the eagle as it was flying across the water, with its wings spread wide. What pops out is the symmetrical composition of the eagle which looks straight in the camera. The eagle’s body reflects on the water, therefore creating a perfect circle with its body and reflection.

Through this image, Biro shows his technical skills in capturing such a well-executed photo. Surely, to capture a shot like that you have to be quite lucky to be positioned in the right spot.

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Biro’s portfolio is quite rich with shots of different animals. Here’s a glimpse of what else he does.





















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