7 Reasons Why Amsterdam Should Be On Your 2021 Bucket List

Amsterdam is a very attractive city when it comes to providing its visitors with various entertainment things. From those of more artistic affinity to cafes with a lot of taste. Many times people often decide to spend their vacations in Amsterdam, thus, making this city very popular. Mainly because Amsterdam offers various activities that can range from a nice dinner out to an exclusive opera house tulip fields and fun nightlife. With a rich cultural atmosphere and history, Amsterdam offers a great variety of interests on various topics. In a mild climate and a center of a cultural and fun time, it is no wonder that millions of visitors flock to the capital each year.

So if you are having doubts as to where you should spend this year’s vacation, without any hesitation we suggest you this city. So scroll down for a mini-tour we provide for you all dear readers of Earthwonders and then you see for yourself if it flatters you or not. And if you already went there write us in the comments how was your experience in this European city.

1. Pestana Amsterdam Riverside

  • A new luxury hotel opened earlier this year in the former city archive, on the banks of the River Amstel. It offers both rooms and self-catering apartments, a spa with a large pool, special features such as a suite in the clock tower, and a restaurant supervised by Peter and Marieke Lute, already famed for their establishment in the nearby village of Oudekerk. Location: Pestana Amsterdam riverside, Amsteldijk 67, Amsterdam

2. Haitink, Mahler and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Klaus Rudolph – Photography
  • Bernard Haitink, renowned for his interpretations of Mahler, re-joins the orchestra he made into a world leader, in the concert hall said to have the best acoustics in the world, for performances of Mahler’s magnificent Ninth Symphony. Location: Concertgebouw, Concertgebouwplein 10, Amsterdam

3. North Star

  • Amsterdam’s long-anticipated North-South Line metro interlinks the metropolis with its often-over-overlooked northern areas. IJ’s north bank has become a much sought-after destination for the hip and happening crowd since it houses a film museum, lots of stylish bars, and a gorgeous viewing tower. The district has all things artsy, and you won’t really believe that this swanky new buzzing spot was once a shipyard.

4. Van Gogh & Japan

  • Vincent Van Gogh appearently was hugely inspired by Japanese prints and owned an impressive personal collection. A new exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum explores this major influence on the artist’s work. Location: Van Gogh Museum, Museumplein 6, Amsterdam

5. La Clemenza di Tito

  • Peter Sellar’s pithy production of Mozart’s penultimate opera finds links with recent events in Paris and Brussels. Location: ‘Stopera’, Amstel 3, Amsterdam

6. Tulip Fields

  • It’s like an unwritten law, you can’t go to Amsterdam and not visit their iconic tulip fields. The vividly hued flowers are a riot of colors and look right out of your favorite fairy tale, with their virtually endless patches of exotic flowers. You can walk through the fields or cycle around the adjoining areas, enjoying the natural beauty of Amsterdam’s lush landscape. Location: Prinsengracht 116, 1015 EA Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. Café Americain

  • The Art Deco Café Americain was once the hangout of artists and writers, but in recent years has somewhat slipped into the shadows. Now a radical makeover gives it new vigor and a fresh contemporary style, as the old café reclaims a place on the Amsterdam map. Location: Café Americain, Leidseplein 28, Amsterdam

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Grow Blue Java Bananas Which Taste Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Have you ever found the usual bananas in your grocery store to be a little, well, bland? You’re not the only one. Banana lovers in last years have begun flocking to richer alternatives like the Blue Java banana which is grown in many parts of Asia, Australia and Hawaii. The unripe fruit takes on a greenish-silver-blue hue due to its wax coating, hence the name. Its white flesh contains black seeds, which isn’t exactly common for a dessert banana.

It’s also widely known as the “Ice Cream” banana for its sweet and soft flesh, which bears a similarity in taste to vanilla custard or ice cream. Not only do these blue bananas taste like vanilla ice cream but they also contain a lot of nutrients making them a very healthy and nutritious snack. You can eat the ripe banana raw. Others suggest mixing it into a smoothie with peanut butter or doing the old trick of freezing and blending the bananas to make an all-natural ice-cream.

Options for acquiring the Blue Java outside of Asia and the South Pacific are limited. You can purchase the banana in bulk from this Florida-based company. For our friends in Hawaii: Several local growers cultivate the Ice Cream banana, so scout out farmers’ markets on the big island and Oahu. But if you don’t want to spend a fortune shipping bananas or traveling to Hawaii, you can always try purchasing a tree and planting one in your own backyard or even indoors. Unlike other bananas, Blue Java can even survive colder climates.

Hence, check out the gallery below and let us know if you find them tasty!





















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