Artists Pay Tribute To The Pregnant Elephant Killed After Eating Pineapple Filled With Firecrackers

Back on the 27th of May, Indian wildlife officers reported that a pregnant elephant had died after biting a booby-trapped pineapple filled with firecrackers. After the elephant took a bite, the improvised explosive exploded in her mouth, severely damaging her jaw, and even though the locals tried to save the elephant, it didn’t survive. In an interview with Sky News, a spokesperson for the Kerala Forest Department said that local farmers are known for booby-trapping food in order to keep animals away from the fields.

Image credits: Mohan Krishnan

“She trusted everyone. When the pineapple she ate exploded, she must have been shocked not thinking about herself, but about the child, she was going to give birth to in 18 to 20 months,” Mr. Krishnan said.

Officials say the wild elephant probably wandered out of the Silent Valley National Park (SVNP) in search of food. It is believed to have reached the Malappuram District, where the animal allegedly bit into the fruit stuffed with firecrackers.

Image credits: Mohan Krishnan

Animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi said Malapurram is one of the most dangerous places for animals in the whole county. “It is a murder, Malappuram is famous such incidents, it is India’s most violent district. For instance, they throw poison on roads so that 300-400 birds and dogs die at one time,” she said, adding that an elephant is killed every 3 days in Kerala.

The elephant’s tongue and mouth were so badly injured, she wasn’t able to eat. “She didn’t harm a single human being even when she ran in searing pain in the streets of the village. She didn’t crush a single home,” Mr. Krishnan added.

The elephant later got to the Velliyar River and stood there with her head partially underwater. The forest officer explained that two captive elephants were brought to lead her out of the river, but she wouldn’t move. Eventually, she died while still standing in the water.

Officials took her back to the forest in a truck and cremated her there. So far, it isn’t clear where exactly the animal got hurt.

Image credits: Mohan Krishnan

Local authorities have registered the case and initiated a probe into the killing of the 15-year-old elephant. Two organizations announced money rewards to anyone who can provide information that would lead to an arrest.

While the investigation is underway, people on social media have been paying tribute to the poor animal by sharing artworks they made to honor it.

Image credits: Sidharthraghav8


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A Talented Engineer Is Photographing All of His Travels and Documenting All of It in His Ig Account

Traveling is one of the important things people do. Investing in traveling like saving money or arranging the days from work to travel somewhere nice. The culture of traveling has broadened over the years changing the course of how we see certain destinations.

However, traveling has become more and more popular as it is approaching more people with amazing photos of different places. The Italian photographer Davide Anzimanni, has traveled to many places and captures the most beautiful photographs of them. Seeing his traveling diary will inspire you to start your own traveling account. Or simply just easing your travel cravings.

The very skilled photographer somehow manages to combine the art of photography with traveling. Coming out with stunning sceneries. Sometimes he is the main character sometimes he just captures the beautiful views.


Even though Anzimanni, is an engineer by profession in his free time he travels around the world so he can make content for his Instagram page In 2018, he started sharing his work on Instagram and noticed that people really like what he does. Now he gathers a total of 139k followers with more than 17k likes on his posts.

Let’s not lose more time, scroll through the amazing photographs this talented engineer took. Let us know which of the places is your favorite to visit.
















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