Black and White Minimalist Photography Award Has Been Chosen, and Here Are Some of the Best Images Submitted

 Black and White Minimalist Photography held a yearly competition where they received over 1,400 entries for consideration. Artists worldwide submit their minimalistic black and white pictures aiming to win the big prize. There’s a panel of three judges. Olivier Robert, a professional photographer and architect, Noell Oszvald, a photographer and visual artist, and Milad Safabakhsh, the Chief Editor of Bnw Minimalism Magazine. They are the ones the select the three prize winners.

This year the one that stole the show was Tim Nevell. He won the first prize of $1,000 for his photo titled Alone.

“Alone” by Tim Nevell. First Place WinnerB&W Minimalism Magazine

“This image was shot with my Mavic2 Pro drone on a winter trip to Iceland, we were travelling to Myvatn in the North of the island and this was a scene about 50 miles from the village, I loved the desolate volcanic landscape covered in snow and the distant endless horizon perspective,” said the photographer.

The competition was opened to photographers worldwide, with the only criteria being the minimum age of 18-years-old. The winner will be featured in the magazine’s upcoming annual photography book, also in an exhibition of the top workd in the 3D virtual gallery Artdaloon.

This competition received a lot of amazing images submitted by talented photographers worldwide. Scroll down below to check out the selection we’ve made for you, and don’t forget to upvote your favorite.

1. Sit down, Free thoughts by Pierre PellegriniSecond Place Winner

B&W Minimalism Magazine

2. Sossusvlei Trees by Hector Izquierdo SelivaThird Place Winner

B&W Minimalism Magazine

3.In Waves by Tomas Tison

B&W Minimalism Magazine

4. Huston We Have No Problem Daniel Franc

B&W Minimalism Magazine

5. Jungle Falls by Tirta Winata

B&W Minimalism Magazine

6. Lead Me Home By Costas Kariolis

B&W Minimalism Magazine

7. Lineae by Roberts Kovacs

B&W Minimalism Magazine

8. Solo by Allen Koppe

B&W Minimalism Magazine

9. Secret Canyon by Blake Enting

B&W Minimalism Magazine

10. Snowboard Track On Norikura By Scott Rinckenberger

B&W Minimalism Magazine

11. Taboo by Fattah Zinouri

B&W Minimalism Magazine

12. The Flying Swam By David Xu

B&W Minimalism Magazine

13. Circles in the Water Michael Bille

B&W Minimalism Magazine

14. Curves by Steve Day

B&W Minimalism Magazine

15. Downstairs by Nicolas Pollet-Villard

B&W Minimalism Magazine

16. Palm Tree by Emilia Kashfian

B&W Minimalism Magazine

17. Skogafoss by David Rosen

B&W Minimalism Magazine

18. Zeeland Bridge by Gee Hurkmans

B&W Minimalism Magazine

19. “The Journey Back Home” by Loh Soo Mui

B&W Minimalism Magazine

20. “The Beginning” by Fritz Weise

B&W Minimalism Magazine

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16 Isolated Houses For The Solitary Soul – The Perfect Spot for Calmness

Living in a city does have its advantages, but even city-dwellers sometimes prefer to escape to some calm places. They need a life with no noisy neighbors and no daily life battles to let their weary souls re-charge. Each day more, isolated houses are rented out to people who want a peaceful place to rest from all the stress and troubles of the world.

Scroll down below to see such beautiful houses surrounded by beautiful views, which will bring calmness to your tired soul. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite house!

1. Little Red House, Iceland

Patrick Sharp

2. Arnarstapi, Iceland

J.G. Damlow

3. Red House In Snowy Norway

Tzvika Stein

4. In The Fields Of Gold, Alberta, Canada


5. Barrier Highway, South Australia

Steven Powell

6. Rice Terraces Of Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Rehahn Croquevielle

7. Saint Cado, France

Philippe Albanel

8. Magical Home, Poland

Marcin Kesek

9. A Tiny House In The Meadow, Lithuania

10. Philips, Alberta, Canada

Brandon B.Report

11. House On The Lake, Iceland

Wim Denijs

12. Little House In Wester Ross, Scotland

Michael Leek

13. Applecross Road, Scotland

Paul Byrne

14. House In Tea Plantation, Munnar

Ulrich Lambert

15. Montana, Usa

Ben Chase

16. Loneliest House in the World / Iceland

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