Breathtaking Aerial Views of a Lavender Field in the South of France

Flowers are the embodiment of life and beauty. Its wide array of colors, variety of shapes and sizes, and unique scents make it a fascinating subject for photography, and it does not take a genius to appreciate its charm. To many nature photographers, there is no muse as quite as magical as a field of flowers. Samir Belhamra is a visual artist who loves aerial photography and his wish to explore the mesmerizing meadows from soaring perspectives landed him in a lavender field in France.

Just take a look at this picturesque aerial view of a Lavender field that perfectly shows the beauty of nature. Situated in Valensole, a picturesque town in Provence, this field of flowers blankets the golden landscape in shades of purple, is so breathtaking.

Samir Belhamra: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

I took this with my drone this summer, the Lavender fields with lost sight. Welcome to Valensole in South of France” Belhamra wrote on his Reddit post. But this is not the only awe-inspiring footage of Belhamra, he has a series of photos shared on his Instagram. Together with his video, these photos prove the unmistakable beauty of the field, whether photographed on a starry night or filmed from a summer sky.

Sea Turtles Get Rescued From Unnecessary Suffering

As you may know, barnacles are some sort of crustacean that usually fix themselves to rigid surfaces as rocks or even ships. Yet, sometimes they can attach to the sea turtles shell. Although one single barnacle doesn’t particularly cause any sort of damage, if the barnacles number found on a turtle’s shell is too high, that could turn into real struggles for the hopeless marine creature. Swimming difficulties, infections and even poor eyesight can be the result of these sticky crustacean.

And today we will focus on a random act of kindness, where a heroic guy from Sri Lanka, decides to help some poor sea turtles to dispose of a burden that could eventually cost their lives. The helpful man, called Chika Boy is great fond of wildlife and always willing to step up for the hopeless animals. This time, he removes the barnacles from the turtle’s shell!

So, in his latest YouTube video, Chika Boy shows us the easiest way to help a sea turtle to get rid of those unpleasant guests. You can see how many barnacles attached themselves to this tiny sea turtle. Fortunately, this nice guy removes them all using a special tool. Then, with its shell clean, Chika Boy releases the turtle back in the ocean.

Scroll down and find more of his videos on YouTube.

CHIKA BOY: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Twitter | YouTube


Photo screenshotted from video: Chika Boy


Photo screenshotted from video: Chika Boy


Photo screenshotted from video: Chika Boy




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