April 19, 2021

Breathtaking Images that Portray the Russian Cold

We have all heard of the Russia winters, but we have never really experienced that cold. Below are some images just to give as the slight impression of what’s the weather like there.

The exhibit of Russian cold pictures started with the American journalist Alec Luhn, who as visiting Novosibirsk. He took a pic of his frozen breakfast where the temperature was said to be -40°C. His picture reached over 120k likes on social media, and short after people started sharing their images.

Check some of them below that will take your breath away.

Image source: ASLuhn

Image source: yapylenok

Image source: reddit.com

Lake Baikal, Siberia , Russia

Image source: supernews_nsk

“When you try hanging your clothes to dry at -40C”

Image source: dima_darkstepoff

“This is Siberia, baby!”

Image source: viktori188

Image source: typical_novosibirsk

Image source: Katrinafrozen

Image source: vakidaichinatsu

Image source: severeweatherturkey

Image source: makhorov

Image source: orzhik