April 22, 2021

Colorful Painted Bunties Perfectly Match Their Name With Their Amazing Feathers

The texture in animals skin it is very beautiful, and you can for sure say that not two of them are alike. The texture on birds feathers for example it’s so pretty , that sometimes it makes you think that those colorful birds are usually native to some tropical areas.

We get amazed of the pictures we see online, but if we look closely outside in our garden, the magic can be found right there.

This little bird in the picture makes his home in Mexico and the Southern America. They usually like to spend time foraging for seed in the low and dense bushes. Migration season takes them closer to the Gulf Coast on their way to Mexico to spend the winter.

h/t: All About Birds

This is a painted bunting.

Instagram | @blazeysbest

Though they are common and brightly colored, they can be tough to spot.

Instagram | @texas_pixels

If you live in their area, though, there are ways you can entice them into your yard.

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During breeding season, you can find them most easily in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Louisiana.

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h/t: All About Birds