April 18, 2021

Enigmatic Sculptures Emerge in the Woods Blurring the Lines Between Natural and Artificial Creations

A new form of sculptures has emerged deep in the woods by artist Spencer Byles, which made the place look like a mysterious wonderland. He spent a year in the woodlands of La Colle sur Loup, Villeneuve-Loubet, and Mougins for this ambitious project. He uses only organic products he finds laying around to create his stunning, massive artwork. As much as his sculptures look like handmade, people still get confused from their natural looking shape, and it’s difficult to tell if they’re human made or just formed naturally by the environmental conditions.

Byles’ creations are temporary, as each piece exists in its completed state for only as long as the elements permit. The temporary nature of my sculptures is an important aspect of my experiences and understanding. I feel my sculptures are only really completed when nature begins to take hold again and gradually weave its way back into the materials. At this point it slowly becomes part of nature again and less a part of me,” states the artist.

Spencer Byles’ website
via [JedaVu Art]