People Are Sharing Their Failed Harvest in This Subreddit, and Here Are 20 Hilarious Pics

Everyone who is blessed to have a garden tries to get the best out of it. Some build a nice place for resting, some plant flowers, some even try to plant their own veggies and fruits. However, this planting part doesn’t really go as you think it will.

There are so many good advantages to growing your own food. Not only does it taste better, but it is more nutritious as well. On the other hand, no one can deny the satisfaction you get by seeing the results of your labor in the end. Although there’s a lot to learn about the crop, the soil, the maintenance each plant requires, that end result is totally worth it.

Some people just get the sense of it really quick, some have no idea what they’re doing. Or simply they’re just unlucky. However, if you ever have felt like that, stop worrying and join the group. People all over the internet have shared their failed crops on r/MightyHarvest subreddit.

We compiled a list of some of the funniest results people got after harvesting in their garden. Therefore, scroll down below to check them out and let us know if you ever have experienced something like that as well.

1. So, here’s my watermelon harvest


2. Would anyone like some lemon water?


3. My pear tree, one yearly perfect pear, no leaves and 4 feet tall. My mom made sure to send me a picture because I’m not home this fall.


4. Waited the entire summer to harvest potatoes and this is all my garden produced. Almond for scale.


5. In six months I was able to turn one clove of garlic into one clove of garlic with a stem


6. I’m a gardener!


7. I think I overestimated the harvest basket size I needed.


8. Harvested some broccoli for tonight’s stir fry!


9. Behold, my bounty of carrots


10. Two years of waiting for our one and only lemon


11. All I could do was laugh 🙂


12. Someone told me to post here, my banana tree just gave me this…


13. After showing my mom this subreddit, she immediately pulled me out to her own garden and excitedly asked me to share her mighty fine harvest with all of you. So here you go — a feast for the eyes!


14. Uni-corn 


15. My mom was very proud of her tomato harvest. It’s spaghetti night, boys!


16. My first Meyer lemon ripened today. I’m so proud of the little guy. Banana for scale


17. My MIGHTY pineapple (Apple for scale. I was out of bananas)


18. I’m thinking…tomato soup and pico de gallo; freeze the rest?


19. I just don’t know what to do, start a ketchup factory maybe?

20. Anyone know where to get a tiny bottle so I can make the ants some hot sauce?

21. I too tried to grow my own pineapple, but unfortunately my dad skill isn’t high enough yet.


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Climate Change Signs: How Do We Know?

Our climate is changing around us faster than predicted. From more frequent and extreme storms to unprecedented heatwaves, we’re indeed feeling the impacts of human-caused global warming. The icebergs are melting, various locations are experiencing greater flooding, wildfires are happening more frequently, and so on.

Specifically, scientists have studied past climate changes to understand the factors that can cause the planet to warm or cool. The big ones are changes in solar energy, ocean circulation, volcanic activity as well as the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Thus, they have each played a role at times. However, human activities are not an exception since it is believed to be main contributors to such increases in average global temperatures

And although we’re all concerned about climate change when it looks like a problem for future generations, we still ask ourselves, ‘will climate change even affect me?’ No matter what we care about, climate change is already affecting our world today. While we still have time to limit the worst impact, we have collected 15 great reasons to start acting now.

These photos illustrate the state of the planet and our climate, as it has changed over the past decade. They reveal how much seriously we must consider the climate change issues!

#1 Climate change weakens forests


#2 Beach erosion


#3 Worsening drought


Study says the current California drought is the worst in 1,200 years. Warmer temperatures are worsening droughts.

#4 Dried forests


#5 Lonely lagoon


#6 Flooded villages


#7 Mass fish death


#8 Climate change means more floods


#9 Air pollution


#10 Disappearing ice cap


#11 Farmers feel the affects


#12 Wildfires


#13 Starving animals


#14 Melting snow

#15 Hurricanes


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