April 14, 2021

Hiking A Phenomenal 2,744 Step Staircase In Colorado

This hiking trail in Colorado, if you make it to the summit, will take you about 8,600 feet above ground level. The Manitou Incline rises from the east side of the Rocky Mountain. This exhausting 2,744 steps steep trail is not for the faint-hearted, but if you think you are fit enough to take up the challenge, then, by all means, drive up to Colorado and test your drive!

Manitou Incline has been known to turn many a lot away even before they reach the ‘False Summit’, which is reached after crossing 68 percent of the climb. But the few achievers who have made it to the top, swear by their life, and sing songs of the beautiful view that awaits beyond the climb. The Incline was legalized only a few years back in 2013. Although this hiking trail enjoys its fame amongst seasoned hikers, it’s relatively unknown amongst us commoners. Maybe once the pandemic comes under control and the lockdown ends, we can inform our adventurous friends about this Incline and earn our own cool points!


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We are happiest when we are growing🌱 . I believe to “live our best life” we must focus on growth. That can be in any area..physical, spiritual, mental, relationships…anddd at any measure… big steps, small steps, leaps, crawlingggg.. it does not matter as long as it’s progress . There’s been times I have made the mistake on skipping ahead to focusing solely on the result without remembering to apply what I’ve learned along the way and to remember that a step no matter the size is what matters most . Even if these 2,800 steps at a 7,500 elevation was something that you couldn’t tackle in your first try (i almost got too dizzy and passed out🥴😅) .. I guarantee you if you kept at it and went up 1, 8, 30, 100, 500 however many more steps every time you attempted it, then you would feel proud, confident, accomplished, joyous.. and happy. NOW apply that to anyyyy area of your life and take it oneee step, day, meal, mile, book, workout or even moment at a time and focus on growth…focus on the journey. And remember it’s not about perfection only about progress💕

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