May 11, 2021

If You Think You’re Day It’s Bad, See How This Animals Are Dealing With Life

Everyone has experiences that bad day in their life when nothing works out from the moment you get out of bed until you get back in it in the evening. You get up, make coffee and then end up spilling it all over your clothes a second before entering your office, Things keep falling out of your hand, and you end up looking at things that are in front of your eyes. We all had that, and sometimes it’s just better to take it in, accept the fact that today is not your day, and whatever happens just let it flow.

Besides humans, animals have their bad days as well and it’s even more heartbreaking seeing them trying to deal with it, but sometimes a little bit funny as well. That kind of comic will make you feel bad for laughing, but you just can’t help it sometimes.

In the gallery below we have compiled a collection of images on their bad days, and it’s so wrongly adorable that it will make you feel better in case you’re having a bad day today.

1. This cat learned about cactus the hard way. 


2. This cow just wanted a treat

3. This game wasn’t fun


4. Someone called the police on my dog because he ran away and attacked a deer.  


5. My friend’s cat had surgery and now he has no pants. 


6. My pup injured her eye and now has to wear goggles when she goes for a run 


7. “No, it’s not what you think it is. We’re best friends!”


8. “There might have been some miscalculations in my plan” – dog 


9. Albert is not having the best day. 


10. When you leave a dog and pick up a llama: 



12. Another bad visit to a hairdresser… 


13. “My cats are apparently horrified at my staggering amount of credit card debt. Poor little guy in the back almost threw up.” 


14. I kicked over my cat’s milk and had no replacement. He sat opposite me as I ate my dinner looking at me like this 


15. My friend took her cat to get fixed and his face shows exactly his thoughts about it 


16.  If he thought he’d get away with it, he thought wrong 


17. When you love the smell of bacon, but get a little too close to the frying pan on the stove 


18. My cat got stuck between the glass door and the screen door


19. Is this what people mean when they say their dog is broken? Asking for a friend 


20. My goat broke his trampoline and he’s very upset. Does anyone have a small one for cheap?