May 11, 2021

If You’re Looking to Add Some Amusements to Your Life, Try Joining This Hilarious ‘Crap Wildlife Photography’ Facebook Group

There are a lot of amazing wildlife photographers who bring animals in their own habitat closer to us through their lens. But that doesn’t happen always. No matter how precise we want to be sometimes, choosing the right place and time, sometimes we just end up with crappy wildlife photography that we can’t help it.

Lucky for us, there’s a place for pictures like that as well. Quite famous too. Crap Wildlife Photography Facebook page is dedicated to crappy animal shots captures intentionally or randomly.  Founded back in 2015, this group now counts a 411.3K number of followers. Like many things that went viral during the quarantine, this one as well was trending a lot.

People shared with each other the crappiest, funniest, worst, and yet the best animal pictures you’ve ever seen on the internet. Scroll down below to brighten up your day.

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1. Someone’s ready for some jumping jacks. 

                       Betty Bennett

2. Bottoms up

Ellen Hickey

3. 2020 broke down this squirrel too 🙁 

Faun Carlson

4. Right place and time for a crappy shot. 

Kevin Frey

5. Spent hours trying to capture a nice shot of him, finally clicked that button and he burped !! 

Sebastian Stern

6. Some soap opera drama here !! 


7. Why does it look like he’s giving you the finger?

Josh Beckner

8. Just a nice walk down the hood.

Caryn Hoadley

9.  Hiyah!

Meg Short

10. I am the view!! 

Cynthia Michelle Smith

11. The best background to capture an albino squirrel

Sue Achterberg Auradon

#12 When You Have A Wild Night And Forget Your Way Back Home In The Morning

Alberto Curiel

13. Nothing to see here, just keep screaming.. er I meant scrolling…

David Laucks

14. Why do I feel like he’s booing me?

Ngaire Peek

15. I Was Trying To Take A Sweet Photo Of A Sparrow Having A Bath. I Appear To Have Taken A Photo Of Two Sparrows Committing A Murder

Trish Sutherland

16. Blowing a kiss of cold weather your way.

Kade Verstegen

17. Meanwhile in Thailand

Adam Liam McCleery

18. Oink, oink 

Beth Perry

19. Oh, crap 

Metin Fennema

20. Tried To Get A Shot Of This Beautiful Doe While Golden Hour Driving Tonight, but She Had Other Plans.

Rick Eubanks