April 23, 2021

Irish Island Advertises for Two Friends to Live There for Free and Run a Coffee Shop

Do you ever want to escape totally from reality, and live somewhere or a couple of months? Well, fortunately, this Irish island, Great Blasket Island, off the western coast of Ireland, is advertising a position for two people or a couple to stay in the picturesque location and run its coffee shop this six months.

Its website says that “in the past few years a number of the houses have been restored and amenities provided for visitors to the island,” and that “drinking water is a limited commodity” and requests that visitors should bring their own. Also, this island has no WiFi, electricity, or hot water for showers.

If you want to learn more about the job openings, you can email info@greatblasketisland.net.

Great Blasket Island is off the western coast of Ireland. Noel O Neill – Lens Alive / Shutterstock

Great Blasket Island