April 23, 2021

Italian Photographer Uses His Lens to Capture the Mesmerizing World That Stretches Above Us

Have you ever been to the woods to lay in the grass and enjoy the view of the world that stretches above you. It really pays up. It feels like you’re getting out of your head for a moment, and become one with the soil.

The Italian photographer  Manuelo Bececco, has been doing just that and documenting what he sees. Starting his photographing career since 2006 as a travel reportage, his true passion has always been landscape photography.

“Over time, as happens with many things, I became passionate about nature photography such as the trees where a beautiful project called ‘Into the Forest’ was born, where I think I have almost fully represented my state of mind inside the woods, where I even created a real shooting technique,” said the photographer when contacted by Earthwonders.

Bececco‘s relation with landscape is unique, distinguishing him for other photographers. He always tries to bring out a sentimental aspect from the photo of what he truly feels as he’s taking the shot. In his project ‘Into the forest’ he revisits the forest during different periods of the year, capturing its beauty from spring to winter.

“I think that this is precisely the beauty of photography, being able to describe what you feel and being able to convey to the observer the same moment. This is very important, because its very difficult to convey a feeling through a photo“, explained the photographer for Earthwonders.

Now because of the COVID-19 Bececco started working on new projects on aerial photography, which we will have to wait and see the results. As for now, you can scroll down to see a bird’s eye view through Manuelo’s lens, and you too will marvel at the world around you.