April 14, 2021

Kenya-Born Artist Hand-carves Intricate Scenes of Local Nature on Wood

This artist was born in beautiful Kenya and now is based in New Zealand, Gordon Pembridge has had a lifelong bond with nature. Pembridge is a painter and woodworker and even looks to his surroundings for inspiration, which has culminated in an oeuvre that incorporates elements of natural history and portrayals of local wildlife. A prime example of such work is Pembridge’s striking series of hand-painted, carved wooden vessels.

Each work of art is created through a woodturning process a sculpting technique that employs a lathe to shape the timber. Once Pembridge has achieved his desired shape, he meticulously hand-carves the wood into ornate, fern-like patterns, which he then paints and decorates with foliage, animals, and other natural motifs inspired by his two homes: Kenya and New Zealand. Brightly colored and featuring elegantly intricate incisions, it is hard to believe the sculptures are crafted entirely out of wood.

More info: gordonpembridge.com

Photo credits: Gordon Pembridge