May 11, 2021

Light Up Your Garden at Night With These Adorable Solar Powered Sunflowers

Springtime is definitely one of the best to go out and enjoy the view in your garden. Everything starts to grow and bloom, and it feels like a new start. That’s a view that we would all love to enjoy during the daylight, but when in night time you can barely see anything. Fortunately, today we have a solution for that as well. To keep you garden shining at night, what you’re going to need is these solar powered sunflower lights.

These lights are so adorable, you will want to have them in your garden as soon as possible. They are made to look like a real flower, and feel like it. The flower looks like a regular plastic flower with a stem and leaves, with the only difference being that the stem is connected to a solar panel with a built-in 600mAh battery that charges throughout the day. Therefore, during night time there’s a fully charged flower shining in your garden.

Except for being super adorable and a lovely sight for the eye, they are also practical as well. In order for them to charge, all you need to do is make sure that the solar panel is activated and charging during the day while facing towards the sun. After it’s fully charged, the flower would be good to shine for about 8 hours.

The planting process is quite easy as well. Each stemmed flower comes with its own stainless steel stake. You have to attach the solar panel to the stake and simply push the stake into the ground, and that’s all there is. They are perfect for outdoor use, as they are quite durable and water resistant.  Furthermore, the battery is encased in rubber to protect it from dust and moisture. They still work and won’t get damaged even in the rain or other severe weather. This beautiful faux flower measures 26 inches tall including the stem, solar panel and steel stake. It is available in a pack of 2.  You purchase these adorable lights in Amazon.

Solar-Powered Sunflower Lights

Charge through day and shine for 8 hours at night

Durable in rain and any weather condition.