A German Photographer Builds 9 Massive Waves of Deadwood in a Forest Near Hamburg

Jörg Gläscher is a German photographer, working in the field of documentary photography and photojournalism.
Just like many of us, his life was greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, despite the governmental and personal restrictions, he decided to take matters into his own hands and got creative. Ever since then, Jörg has been working about the pure power of nature which brings one of the richest country in the world to a completely still stand.

He has been creating a visual diary he calls the C19,1-20, The Diary Complex. It contains 20 different pieces of Jörg’s work, ranging from photography to sculpture. And one of its latest work has been quite popular all over the internet.

Below you can see some of Jörg’s mesmerizing waves, and read some additional information which the artist has personally shared with EarthWonders.

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Jörg Gläscher decided to spend his pandemic time in a forest near Hamburg to create a series of artistic installations.

Jörg Gläscher.

“So I went into a forest near Hamburg and all these waves are build by myself, from November 2020 till March 2021. In total 9 different waves. I only use what we call dead wood, I didn’t cut a single tree.” said Jörg

Jörg Gläscher

“The largest, No. 8, is nearly 4 meters high and 9 meters wide. After I took the picture I destroyed it to build a new one from the material.” explained the artist.

Jörg Gläscher

“A wave is a periodic oscillation or one-time disturbance change in the state of a system,” claimed the artist.
From small undulating waves to massive four-meter-tall crests, each installation appears to grow from the ground, displaying the immense power nature can have.

Jörg Gläscher
“Observations are manifold, individual, not directly trans- ferable and can be experienced in many different ways.
A perceived object can generate impact in numerous ways. Is it standing still? Has it moved? Nothing is ever as
it seems.
Jörg Gläscher

“Are appearances therefore deceptive?” pondered Jörg. “No, they are not necessarily deceptive, but they join me on a journey, wash over me, swirl through me, make me anxious, retreat, and then rush towards me all over again. „But that can’t be” says the left, “but I see and feel it“ says the right half of my brain.”

Jörg Gläscher

“I can go through them, stop them, touch them, but everything comes to a standstill and goes no further. I have to let it go. Standing up, the second wave rolls over me,” explains the artist. “It is unique, it was unique. I lift my head, take it by the hand and recognize the vibration and the recurring sensation, and with it the fear disappears. Should it come, I will be ready.”

Jörg Gläscher

Although Jörg hasn’t reveal yet the location of the waves, visionary explorers might still discover them hidden somewhere in the woods around Hamburg.

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