April 18, 2021

Meet Harpy Eagle Who Looks Like A Human

Harpy Eagle is the largest, most powerful raptor in the Americas, even bigger than Golden Eagle.

You better believe that the rest of the bird is pretty impressively sized too. This majestic eagle is so massive that people actually think it’s a human wearing costume!

It has a glint in its eyes that practically says “ You’d better not mess with me, kiddo, I eat folks like you for breakfast”.

This eagle can weigh up to 22 lbs ( 10 kg ) and it grows between 35 and 41 inches (89 and 105 cm) and their wingspan can reach up over 7 feet ( 2.13 m ). Their talons are about the same size as human hands.

The harpy eagle is a rare species and the birds are mostly found in rainforests around Central and South Amerika, mainly in Brazil.

And it looks like a Pokemon!!