Meet the Three-Wattled Bellbird, the Unique Bird With a Mustache

Nature hold many unique being that never fail to amaze us with their beauty. One that has recently caught out eye is the three-Wattled Bellbird. This bird it’s covered in layer of reddish and brown. His head stands out because of the white color. But the most unique feature about this bird it’s the mustache in his face.


Its name comes from the three worm-like wattles of skin that hang from the base of the bill. These wattles can be as long as 10 cm (3.9 in) when extended during songs and interactions. The wattles remain flaccid even when extended.

Jorge Obando – CC BY-SA 2.0

Just like in other families of bird, the three-Wattled Bellbirds have their differences when it comes to males and females. The male has a white head and throat and the remaining plumage is chestnut brown. The female has olive plumage with yellowish streaked underparts and a yellow vent area. The three-wattled bellbird breeds in montane regions of Costa Rica and migrates to western Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.


Bellbirds are known to be the loudest birds on earth. Their songs are weird, and last quite long. Currently, their living condition is classified as vulnerable due to habitat loss. These birds breed in high elevations in Costa Rica. During the breeding season, male birds shake their wattles while singing to attract the females.

ryanacandee – CC BY-SA 2.0

These wattles can be as long as 10 cm (4 in) and the middle of the three can be erected into an upright position. The female bellbirds are smaller and somewhat less striking in appearance. They are golden-brown across the back of the wings and tail with whitish streaking on the face, a buffy-streaked throat, and golden-brown streaking down the chest with pale-grey under-tail coverts.

Three-wattled bellbirds feast on fruits, particularly those in the Lauraceae family, of which the avocado is a member.

Imgur/daft looking birds

Check out the video below to hear their unique song.

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