April 22, 2021

Mommy Hummingbird Builds A Lovely Leaf Roof Nest To Keep Out The Rain

Nature still has the power to astound us, and one little hummingbird is an example of just that. The little bird’s clever nest has captured hearts and news reports all over the world.

It began last year when Bianca Caroline Soares was walking through a nature reserve in the jungle near her home. Soares works for the Moises Bertoni Foundation, a conservation organization based in Paraguay. Soares recounts that she was feeling incredible sadness one day about the fate of the world. With a heavy heart, she said, she went out to immerse herself in nature to get her mind off her troubles. As she was walking, she encountered an amazing hummingbird’s nest.

Bianca Caroline Soares: Instagram

Conservationist Bianca Caroline Soares spotted a hummingbird nest with a leaf roof while she was on a walk.

 Bianca Caroline Soares

Soares is a photography enthusiast who has been observing the nests of hummingbirds since 2018. It wasn’t until September 2019, however, that she happened upon the unique nest and snapped some pictures. She continued to observe it in the weeks and months following her first sighting. The hummingbird went on to have two chicks, and Soares was able to capture the trio under one roof—literally. The flexible nest expanded to fit the new additions and the leaf was able to cover them all.

Bianca Caroline Soares

Soares was used to seeing hummingbird’s nests in the jungle. These birds are known for creating complex, intricate nests, but this one stood out because it had an actual roof. The clever hummingbird built the nest on a twig directly under a large, curved leaf.

“In the midst of all these tragedies and all this bad news, I received this gift,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “It’s just more proof of the saying that nature is wise.”

The flexible nest turned out to be the perfect place for the bird, who went on to have two chicks.

Bianca Caroline Soares

The leaf provided protection from the rain and sun for the bird’s nest and her babies.

The news gets even better. Soares told the Dodo she continued monitoring the nest. One day, she realized the bird was raising two babies in that nest. They grew up and successfully flew away to live on their own.

Let’s hope they inherited their mother’s homebuilding skills.

Bianca Caroline Soares

Here’s the hummingbird at rest, and it gives you an idea of how big the leaf is.