April 18, 2021

Nature Takes Over the Abandoned Houses in China

Nature tends to bloom better in places far away from people. The best example of this is seen in a abandoned fishing village, where the fisherman have all moved to mainland and the nature is occupying the houses they left behind. Goqui Island is located in Shengsi, a 400 island archipelago at the mouth of Yangtze river in China.

Out of 400, only 18 of the islands are inhabitable. The largest one, Sijiao Island is a five-hour ferry ride away and it is a very touristy point, that offers sea baths to tourists. This area is commonly known for fishing, where it attracts over 100,000 fisherman every winter.

The islands are characterized by nice gentle winters, with the average temperatures of 15.8 C (60.44 F). This good weather explains why the plants in the village keep growing and looking so exquisite.

More info: behance | news.6park.com (h/t: boredpanda)