20 Times People Experienced Pareidolia in Fruits and Vegetables

She thought he did not carrot all, but he bought her a 21-carrot ring. For example, a carrot looking like a hand, or a strawberry looking like a chicken. Probably they don’t look the same at all. However, our brain is used to seeing certain shapes or movements in a particular way, that we often get confused once we see something else that slightly looks alike. This is called pareidolia.

Pareidolia is the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. We experience pareidolia very often with ordinary things that surround us. Some people even experience that with fruits and vegetables, and they made sure to share that on the internet.

Therefore, we collected some of those images and we want to share them with you today.

Scroll down below to see some of the weirdest shaped fruits and vegetables that look nothing alike to what they actually are.

1. The evolved radish


2. My pickle is smiling. Aren’t you happy.


3. Just found this fella in my bag of veg!


4. Jalapeño was happy to be chopped


5. She thought he did not carrot all, but he bought her 21-carrot ring


6. After stewing in his emotions, emo veg comes to the conclusion that the root of the world’s problems is that people don’t seem to carrot all


7. This potato


8. 10/10 cosplay


9. Carrot ’bout to drop the healthiest verse of all time


10. Booberries


11. “Please, leave me alone…”


12. Cooking monster


13.Alien pickle


14. Carrot Knight


15. Steven!


16. Onion angry faces


17. My celeriac scared the shit out of me!


18. Going to have to eat this chicken as it hasn’t laid a single bloody egg yet

Grove Farm, Bonnyrigg

19. I’m seeing Tomato Elephants


20. This incredible carrot hand was found while digging juice carrots at our farm today


21. I Thought There Was A Severed Finger In My Fruit Bowl. It Was Just Some Ginger


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Grow Blue Java Bananas Which Taste Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Have you ever found the usual bananas in your grocery store to be a little, well, bland? You’re not the only one. Banana lovers in last years have begun flocking to richer alternatives like the Blue Java banana which is grown in many parts of Asia, Australia and Hawaii. The unripe fruit takes on a greenish-silver-blue hue due to its wax coating, hence the name. Its white flesh contains black seeds, which isn’t exactly common for a dessert banana.

It’s also widely known as the “Ice Cream” banana for its sweet and soft flesh, which bears a similarity in taste to vanilla custard or ice cream. Not only do these blue bananas taste like vanilla ice cream but they also contain a lot of nutrients making them a very healthy and nutritious snack. You can eat the ripe banana raw. Others suggest mixing it into a smoothie with peanut butter or doing the old trick of freezing and blending the bananas to make an all-natural ice-cream.

Options for acquiring the Blue Java outside of Asia and the South Pacific are limited. You can purchase the banana in bulk from this Florida-based company. For our friends in Hawaii: Several local growers cultivate the Ice Cream banana, so scout out farmers’ markets on the big island and Oahu. But if you don’t want to spend a fortune shipping bananas or traveling to Hawaii, you can always try purchasing a tree and planting one in your own backyard or even indoors. Unlike other bananas, Blue Java can even survive colder climates.

Hence, check out the gallery below and let us know if you find them tasty!





















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