Photographer Captures a Blackbird Enjoying a Free Ride on an Osprey’s Stick

Jocelyn Anderson is a famous bird photographer. She has been focusing on bird photography since a little over five years ago. During these years she has gained quite some experience on bird photography. Recently, she presented a shot of a red-winged blackbird riding on a stick an osprey was carrying to its nest.

We’ve featured some of her work earlier, which you can check it out here. This recent sot she took is the definition of being at the right spot on the right time. Anderson firstly noticed the osprey flying over a pond to the area where the red-winged blackbirds build their nests. We know how defensive male red-winged are of their nests, so it was no surprise seeing this one chase after the osprey.

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As the photographer saw it happening, the osprey was carrying the stick for its nest. The blackbird continued chasing after him, and at one point it looked like he was just going for a ride on the stick. These moment are not something we get to witness on daily basis, fortunately Anderson was lucky to be there with her camera.

It is amazing to see the determination of the osprey to fly across the pond. On the other hand, the blackbird looks like it’s enjoying the free ride. Bird photography is quite challenging, but moments like this make Anderson’s work worthwhile.

Scroll down fore more adorable bird pics by Anderson.

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