April 23, 2021

Photographer Captures Incredible and Unseen Before Close-up Shots of a Fiery-throated Hummingbird

A lot of wildlife photographers have used their incredible talent, patience, and skills to bring nature closer to us. We’ve been able to witness a lot of amazing beings we share the earth with, whom we never thought existed.

Another awesome sight you can enjoy from the comfort of your house is the hummingbird pics that photographer Jess Findlay shot in the Talamanca Mountains in Costa Rica.

To achieve this perfect close-up shot, the photographer shot hundreds of pictures with a telephoto lens as he was waiting patiently for several hours for the bird to position on the right angle.

The hummingbirds were visiting a nectar feeder. As they were feeding hungrily on the nearby branch, the photographer used that opportunity to capture these awesome shots.

“A Fiery-throated Hummingbird photographed at just over 2,700m in the highlands of Costa Rica’s Talamanca Mountains · It takes just the right posture, angle and light for the full spectrum of colour to radiate from this bird’s plumage. Using a telephoto lens with extension tubes that allow for very close focusing, I was able to capture a few portraits that showcase this dazzling rainbow display. My success rate with these tiny, frenetic birds was maybe 1 out of every 200,” wrote the artist in his Instagram post.

Scroll down below to see his colorful hummingbird, and check out his Instagram/ Website for more.


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