April 18, 2021

Photographer Captures The Otherworldly Occasion Of Fireflies Dancing In A Japanese Forest

Each year when summer comes along, we all look forward to different things. Some of us head to the beach, others to the mountains for camping. Some look forward to the epicurean delights like watermelon and ice cones. But for a select group of photographers in Japan, Summer signals the arrival of fireflies. And for very short periods – typically May and June, from around 7 to 9pm – these photographers set off to secret locations all around Japan, hoping to capture the magical insects that light up the night. But we’ll let you in on a little secret. One popular spot is Senri Ryokuchi Park in Osaka.

Talented Japanese photographer and CG artist Yutaka Kagaya (KAGAYA) is known for his breathtaking nightime photography, particularly one-shot photos that depict topics such as stunning seas of sakura and the glow of Tokyo as almost otherworldly scenes.

KAGAYA’s latest shot is as gorgeous as any he’s ever taken. The photographer traveled into the depths of the woods to reach a point where even the illumination of the stars and moon don’t reach. Fortunately he had another source of illumination in mind–fireflies dancing around a field of hydrangea.

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Yutaka Kagaya

Japanese photographer Yutaka Kagaya captured the magical moment when fireflies danced around a forest field of hydrangea at night.


When he’s not taking photos of nature, Kagaya captures the beauty of the cosmos with his telescopic camera.

The talented photographer recently released a photo book featuring his best images.