April 17, 2021

Photographer Re-visits the Same Place to Take Pictures That Emphasize the Beautiful Changes Through Seasons

Nature has been a big inspiration for artist since the beginning of time. It has been the same for the landscape photographer Albert Dros. He has always been drawn to nature, and kept going back there very often. During his continuous visits he saw that the change that happens to the forest during different seasons was a fantastic muse for him, and he kept going back to take the same photo in the same place, just in 4 different times of the year.

He uses his artistry to demonstrate the beauty of the forest and that it is captivating during any season, whether it is covered with red leaves that pop of the color of autumn, of whitewashed by the snow, the magic it’s always there.

Dros keeps track of his favorite spots and frequently returns to see how they’ve transformed. He even notes that during the same season, the same place can look dramatically different thanks to small changes—such as the color of the leaves.

His work is proof that one doesn’t need to venture off to faraway locations in order to shoot memorable photographs. Sometimes all it takes is walking or driving just a few minutes from your own home. The important thing is to keep your eyes and mind open to any inspiration that comes your way.

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