Underwater Photographer Finds a Splendid Pink Manta-ray So Rare, He Thinks His Camera Is Broken at First

There are millions of species that live underwater some of them we have recovered and some of them we merely know. There is a percentage of 80 percent of species on our planet’s oceans that are yet undiscovered. Un mapped unobserved and unexplored.

But that may not be entirely the case as a not only scientist but also divers whos their hobbies consist in photography. Thus these underwater photographers sometimes bring us images of these rare sea creatures. this is also the case for Kristian Laine who was recently out diving off the coast of Lady Elliot Island in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

While he was doing his usual water expedition there was the time where he stumbled upon such an unusual sight that, at first, he thought his camera was broken. 

As Laine was photographing a group of male manta rays chasing after a female manta ray, he noticed in his photographs that one was unlike the others. While manta rays are generally black on top and white underneath, this big fish was black on top, but pink underneath.

In one of his interviews, Kristian added “At first, I saw a manta train of 7 manta rays around a bommie at Lady Elliot Island, and they were about 12 meters deep, so I waited for the right moment to hold my breath and dive down,” elaborated Kristian. “When I was eye level with the pink fish, I was looking through the viewfinder and locked eyes with it. Only when I fired my strobes to take a photo, I noticed its pink skin but had no idea there are any pink mantas in the world. I was confused and thought my strobes were broken or doing something weird.”

1. Un usual Manta rays that instead of its regular color this one is pink and black

Kristian Laine

It is worth mentioning that Kristian had no idea that these types of animals can be of pinkish color. That is why he thought for a second that something was going wrong with his camera. But after examining him closely he clearly saw that this creature is definitely pink. And he was all about to take pictures. that later became viral for the grace and beauty of this sea creature.

During his encounter with the pink manta ray the creature was very calm. He stated that I remember looking into the huge fish eyes and it felt almost as if it was smiling (or, at least, very friendly). The whole interaction lasted about 20 to 30 minutes.”

However, they say that the pink manta was first spotted back in 2015 by Ryan Jeffery. It is believed to be the only suck manta ray in the world, and the pink animal was sighted no more than 10 times in the last 5 years.

Well, miracles of life have no end we just need to preserve our beautiful and precious world otherwise no seas will be left by 2050.

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2. Scientists believe that its pink skin is caused by a genetic mutation in its expression of melanin

Kristian Laine

3. It was first sighted back in 2015 by Ryan Jeffery and it is believed to be seen less than 10 times in total

Kristian Laine

4. It turns out this is Inspector Clouseau, the only known pink manta ray in the world with a skin gene mutation

Kristian Laine

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