April 18, 2021

Plant A Magical Moon Garden With Flowers That Bloom During The Night Under The Moonlight

The idea of night-blooming flowers is probably just a mistic thought to many people, but these magical plants do exist, and besides beautifying your garden and connecting you further with nature, the scent they spread is calming and soothing to your mind and body, thus giving you a feeling of sleeping in the clouds.

These mythical flowers come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and we’re bringing some to you so you can enrich your surroundings with them and live like in paradise.

Night Blooming Plants


As the name itself suggests, this flower blooms at night time and it releases a slightly lemony scent when it opens up, and during the day this shiny flower shuts.

Evening Primrose

This is a yearlong flower, which spreads rapidly and widely. They have a pale pink color and during the night they release a very sweet smell.

Night Phlox

With a vanilla-and-honey-like scent, these lovely flowers open up the moment the dusk begins.

Evening Stock

Both the smell and their appearance is majestic, but the real reason why you should include them in your garden is because of their fresh, strong smell which opens up your senses.

Angel’s Trumpet

These trumpet-like white flowers bloom and spread widely, and they give you the idea of being at the altar bells.

Night Gladiolus

Gladiolus means an Old World plant of the iris family, with sword-shaped leaves, and this flower has gotten its name because during the night it really has a sword-like smell, very sharp yet very nice, but it doesn’t open at night.

Woman’s Hands Putting SageTea Leaves In A Jar

There are numerous herbs available to plant that have lunar connections.

  • Camphor – you can use it for protection or purification — it’s known to get rid of negative energies.
  • Eucalyptus – Associated with health and healing, as well as protection, fragrant Eucalyptus is a great addition to your garden if you live in a zone that will support it.
  • Gardenia – This lovely and fragrant flower is associated with peace and harmony, repelling strife, and protection from outside influences.
  • Jasmine –  The sensuous scent of Jasmine is popular among perfumers because it’s well known as a flower of attraction. This plant’s heady fragrance evokes passion, sensuality, and love.
  • Moonwort – Associated with dreams and intuition, moonwort is useful in any spellwork involving lunar connections.
  • Sandalwood – This fragrant wood is associated with healing and purification, as well as business and protection magic; it’s found in religious ceremonies and rituals all over the world.
  • Willow – Planted near your home, Willow will help ward away danger, particularly the type that stems from natural disasters such as flooding or storms. They offer protection and are often found near cemeteries.
  • Water Lily – These lovelies often used as ornamentals in ponds are associated with the clarity of desire and direction, as well as the creative process. If you’re an artist or maker, keep some water lilies around.

For those of you who prefer day-time flowers, we’re giving you some suggestions too. They are silver, white, and even gray, and give you almost the same purifying experience as the ones that bloom during the night. Some of them include Dusty Millers, Silver Thyme, Lamb’s Ears, Mugwort (Artemesia), Silver Sage and White vegetables such as Alba eggplants or Baby Boo or Lumina pumpkins.

So, what can I do, besides appealing my eyes, with these flowers? 

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Harvest the flowers and dry them to use in talismans or charms.
  2. Use them to dress a Moon Candle or as part of a purification bath.
  3. Include them in incense blends to help enhance your intuition and wisdom.