April 22, 2021

The Quokka Is Called The Happiest Animal In The World And Here Is Its Happy Face

Animals are all cute, all they require for their cuteness to come out is some honest love from us humans, instead of caging them into zoos. And if we do offer them love and support, they will also be happy. But one of them is particularly happy, and its happiness can be quite contagious. So I suggest we call it off the further search for the happiest animal in the world because Quokka is the one.

These Australian Quokkas look so happy, you might think that nothing can bring them down. They see that light at the end of the tunnel at all costs. Or maybe it’s safe to say they give light to that end of the tunnel with their happy faces. So check them below, and I assure you, you’ll start feeling happy yourself! Enjoy!


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i want to be this quokka – – – – #quokkas #quokkaselfies #smilingquokka

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Besides being super photogenic and one of the cutest animals! There’s so much more to these amazing little creatures. Each photograph I take requires time and patience. Spending so much time observing them I’ve noticed each Quokka has their very own unique personality. Quokkas have taught me so much and I feel everyone can learn a lot from them too! Some of what I’ve learnt from my furry friends is: – To appreciate the simple things in life. – To smile and stay positive even through the tough times. – To continuously have faith and trust in others even though your good nature has been abused in the past. – To Eat your greens haha 🍃😂 – To take the time out of your day to make someone smile. And that’s just a few reasons why I admire and appreciate Quokkas ❤️ #quokka #quokkas #perthlife #quokkalove #amazing #beautiful #view #scenery #Australia #rottnestisland #cute #adorable #quokkaselfies #happy #happiness #beautiful #happy #love #amazing_wa #discoveraustralia #perth #westernaustralia #smile #rottnest #justanotherdayinwa #australiantourism #seeaustralia #animals #goodvibes #animallover

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Get ready…This is by far the longest caption I have ever written! Bit emotional too, for a change, with an exciting announcement 😂😁 . 3 years ago, I took this blurry photo of a quokka jumping at a camera, & it created heaps of opportunities for me, (& taught me all about copyright 😂) & over that time I’ve learnt what photography actually means to me & what it can achieve. . Recently I was asked what success means to me & I gave the simple answer of, “if at the end of the day I’ve made someone else smile, it’s been a successful day.” 🙂 Coaching the little legends at footy, telling terrible dad jokes, or showing off God’s amazing creation through my photography have all been ways I hope I’ve been able to make people smile over the years. . But I’m now also creating affordable & practical gifts that can be used in every day life, with the bonus of having the potential of making you sport a dashing smile 😁. It’s all part of my mission for success, to hopefully see us all be as happy as a quokka😄. . And so I can finally share with you my first of many products – Quokka Playing Cards. Check them out at the link in bio…If you decide to order a deck, I would greatly appreciate a review on Amazon & please stay tuned, there are so many more cool things coming very soon! 😁😁 . A big thanks goes to the following: • @salty.sea.art who has helped bring my photos & imagination to life. •Anthony (@bat_pug) has kept pushing me along & has believed in my passion. • @jamie_windows , an absolute legend, a life changer & a real mentor in a lot of ways. •My friends who have let me pick their brains about my ideas & how they would work – you’re honest feedback has been appreciated. •Mum & Dad have kept me daggy & dinkum the whole way through. So cheers. 👌 •And I have to thank my friend, Emily too, for being the one who kindly introduced me to Quokkas. . . #quokka #rottnest #quokkas #quokkalove #seeaustralia #goproanz #justanotherdayinWA

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