Women Share The Most Common Red Flags Men Should Look Out For When Dating A Woman (20 Posts)

Relationships are not as easy as the fairytales portray them. Sometimes, wrong people end up together making each other’s lives miserable. To avoid overdramatic relationships, people suggest looking at the red flags that appear right at the beginning of a connection.

If you are wondering what are those red flags, then this Reddit thread might help you where someone asked women of Reddit- “What are some immediate red flags in Women that men should look out for?” Many women shared the immediate red flags that should be enough for you to ‘RUN’ if you are not under the spell of any love potion. Scroll below to read them.

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love bombing right after meeting for the first time


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When they insist that a lack of personal space equals to you not paying them enough attention. Like you can like/love someone without having to spend all your hours glued to them, or hanging on to everythingthey say.


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When every photo on her IG page is a selfie of some sort.


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If she thinks she can control you/ win you over through sex. I had a friend that would say; I’m going to Fu*k him so good that he will fall in love with me. She would usually say this if it was their first date.


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When she gets mad at you for saying no to her. I’m not just talking about big things, if she throws a fit because you cancelled one plan, run. There are a lot of women out there that are more than ready to turn down guys but get real pissed when someone else tells them no. More trouble than its worth, and that lack of accepting no’s *will* become a problem later on. One of my old high school friends was like this, she acted as if her boyfriends should always do her bidding and that they were bad people if their worlds didn’t revolve around her.


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Calls herself an empath, and says she’s more in touch with emotions than other people.


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Women who are aggressive and slap or hit others then say “you can’t hit a woman.”

You can’t hit anyone Stacy.


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Not necessarily immediate, but having size or $$ requirements for the wedding ring is usually a bad sign.


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A woman who loves the saying, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best,” or something like that. I understand the premise, that a relationship needs to be handle all the up’s and down’s. However, I find that woman who really love this saying tend to be rather mean, abusive, belittling, etc. at their ‘worst’. No one deserves that.


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Women who go from relationship to relationship without time to be single are usually trouble. Same goes for women who change their identity with each relationship. It doesn’t mean they’re bad people, but they clearly have issues to work through, if their self-esteem is validated through male attention.


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Pretending to act dumb because she thinks it’s cute.


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Expecting you to read their mind!

I’m bi and have dated a few women seriously.

I unfortunately seemed to have a type- charismatic and very social women who were also passive aggressive. They all expected me to just know when and why they were mad at me, as they would become cool and distant with me, they’d sometimes stop returning calls for periods of time, and their facial expression would appear angry. BUT, when I asked what was wrong,, repeatedly, they would only say ” nothings wrong”. They’d make me beg and plead to find out what was wrong. It was infuriating.

The last womani seriously dated decided she was just going to not take my calla suddenly for a number of days. I just got fed up and never called her again/ ended things that way. She tried to call me eventually but I’d just screen her calls and let them go to voice-mail. I was so done with the games

All women are NOT like this. But I definitely had to rethink what sort of ladies I was dating.


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For men and for women, rigid gender roles. Someone who sees you more as a gender than as a person brings a whole host of problems with that mindset.


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Emotional blackmail. Threatening to harm self each time anything doesn’t go her way. Threatening to tell the whole world something that’s private between the two of you whenever anything goes wrong.


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“You don’t have to use a condom” Isn’t always a trap. But if it’s early in the relationship, it should be troublesome.


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She says people are jealous of her. This is my number one red flag for women.


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Same as guys. If all the ex boyfriends or husbands are crazy and she says she hates drama, she is crazy and starts drama.


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If she always wants to be around you and gets irrationally angry with you when you want to leave for a bit..
Red flag..


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When they put other women down and hang out with men all the time, to be like “one of the boys”. There’s som deep misogyny going on and most of the time that girl is VERY insecure. Trust me, I was that girl.


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Not having any girlfriends because “I don’t get along with women.”

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