April 23, 2021

The Crimson-Backed Tanager Is the Adorable Red Bird With the Shining Silver Beak

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Whenever you think you’ve seen the prettiest colorful bird, there’s always a new striking kind that amazes us with its beauty. It’s impossible to choose a favorite especially when you’re always in the search of a new family of birds you didn’t know existed.

Our newest obsession is the entire tanager family of bird species. Each member of this family it’s distinguished with its own beauty, it’s impossible to have a favorite. But one that has caught our eye recently, is the crimson-backed tanager, Ramphocelus dimidatus.  That is a striking red bird who knows how to accessorize. It’s so shiny that it looks white in most still photos. The base of the beak is also unusually wide, so it stands out even more.

Instagram | @acostaluisf

Crimson-back tanagers are native to Central and South America, most commonly to Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela. A small population is also found on the islands of French Polynesia. They like to live in small family flocks, in shrubby, lowland forests. Their eggs are blue, with fine dark dots. Although, not enough nests have been found to know for sure how many are laid per season, still they aren’t in any danger of extinction right now.

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