April 14, 2021

The Silver-eared Mesia Is an Adorable Bird Covered in Autumnal Colors

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We’re familiar with the fact that most of our feathered friends are covered in beautiful radiant colors, and one in particular has caught our eyes for its special feathers. Silver-eared mesia’s colors bring an autumn vibe in mind whenever you see them with their gold, red and muted greens.

Silver-eared mesias are found throughout southern Asia, particularly in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Laos. They can also be found in the moist, tropical forests of southern China and will sometimes migrate down to India in the winter.

Like most of animals, these birds also differ their looks from gender. Males have throats that are red-orange while females are yellow. The color patterns can also shift in their backs, with the colors varying between grey or olive, and the ratio of gray to red in the wings.

Due to the pattern variations, researchers currently consider there to be at least seven subspecies of the silver-eared mesia, but they are still learning more about what might make each subspecies distinctive. Their diet consists mainly of insects and fruit, which are plentiful in their habitat, and they’ve also flourished in places like Hong Kong, where groups have escaped from the pet trade.

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