April 14, 2021

These Are 12 Best Day Hikes in the USA for Your Bucket List

As much as hikers enjoy exploring the trails of foreign lands, we know that there are beautiful natural areas nearby to explore no matter where you live. Below is the list of 15 of the best day hikes in the USA.

Half Dome, California

Distance: 16 miles
Best Time To Hike: April till October
Hiking through Yosemite National Park in California is also an international favorite. This specific hike will take you to the very top of the park’s famous granite half dome. From there you can see the Nevada Falls the Vernal Falls and pretty much all of the valleys.
Perhaps the most memorable section of the hike is the last 400 feet up to the summit. Here you’ll climb with the aid of cables. A permit is required.

Angel’s Landing, Utah

Distance: 5 miles
Best Time to Go: March till October
This hike in Zion National Park is another international favorite. For three to five hours you’ll be but one of many adventurous individuals hiking around this 1,488-foot high rock formation. It is an exhilarating experience and not for anyone who suffers from vertigo.
Hold onto those chains along the final half-mile of a narrow rock edge to the very top. Gaze down into the 1000-foot drop-offs on either side of you. Take in an amazing view that only the bravest have seen.

Devils Garden Trail, Utah

Distance: 7.2 miles
Best Time to Go: All Year
This is another great hiking trail in the state of Utah. More specifically, this one is found with the popular Arches National Park. Here in this national park, you will hike amongst what is reportedly the largest grouping of actual natural sandstone arches on the planet. The scenery is unique, of course, but the true highlight here is the famous Landscape Arch, which is the world’s longest arch. It’s actually the length of an American football field.

Franconia Ridge Loop, New Hampshire

Distance: 9 miles
Best Time to Go: September till November
The Franconia Loop is found in Franconia Notch State Park just a few hours away from the famous Fenway Park. Veteran visitors note, however, that you should not be discouraged by the trail’s proximity to the city. This memorable hike will have you trekking through genuine alpine tundra with a gain in elevation of more than 3,400 feet within just four miles. Keep this in mind if you are overly prone to altitude sickness.

Root Glacier Trail, Alaska

Distance: 4 miles
Best Time to Go: June till August
The rugged Root Glacier Trail is ensconced in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in south-central Alaska. Taking this trail you will see with your own eyes the enormous glacier found in the nation’s largest national park. Crampons are required for this particular hike because you will be crossing ice and snow. Nevertheless, the investment is said to be well worth it.

Hoh River Trail, Washington

Distance: 6.2 miles
Best Time to Go: All Year
You will find this exceptional trail in Olympic National Park. It will lead you deep into the mossy, verdant green forest. Those who have been can confirm that this spot is truly like no other place found in the country.
They report that it is a “temperate rainforest” and some compare it to the setting of an iconic fairytale. If you’re a really ambitious hiker and have the time, hike the additional 17.6 miles to the popular Glacier Meadows.

The Cascade Canyon Trail, Wyoming

Distance: 12+ miles
Best Time to Go: June to November
Here in beautiful Grand Teton National Park, you can take the Cascade Canyon Trail. See everything this trek has to offer including the magnificent mountains, the 200-foot high Hidden Falls, and the appropriately-named Inspiration Point. Look out over stunning Jenny Lake and the entire eastern side of the park. Relax when you reach Lake Solitude.

The Lakes Trail, California

Distance: 7 to 14.5 miles
Best Time to Go: June till November
The Lakes Trail is a favorite trail in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. This hiking trail scores points for the unique opportunities it offers hikers. It is also officially rated as a difficult trail.
You will ascend more than 4,000 feet. This is another spot where the effort is rewarded by the scenery. Walk amidst the home of the largest trees on the planet. See the famous General Sherman.

Elephant Canyon Hiking Trail, Utah

Distance: 11 miles
Best Time to Go: All Year
To take this hike you must journey to travel to Canyonlands National Park in the Needles District. This is a moderate hike that offers hikers the chance to see some of the greatest rock formations in the nation. Numerous needles, spires, and arches can be seen as you make this trek through canyons and high desert grasslands. The most famous of natural attractions here is the Druid Arch. It’s so named because the arch looks similar to the huge rocks of Stonehenge.

Halemau’u Trail, Hawaii

Distance: 11.2 miles
Best Time to Go: All Year
The stunning Haleakala National Park is a great place for hiking. This specific trail offers visitors the opportunity to experience a truly “otherworldly hike” that at one point takes you to the actual floor of the famous Haleakala Crater. You will also be able to walk through actual native scrub forest and even trek through a world of black and red cinder cones that just might remind you of Mars.

Muliwai Trail, Hawaii

Distance: 9 miles
Best Time to Go: All Year
The state of Hawaii is the home of more than one great hiking trail. This one is located on the busy Big Island. Take this impressive nine-mile trail from Waipio Valley to the lovely Waimanu Valley. Here you will discover a black sand beach, ancient ruins and even refreshing little swimming holes to cool you on the way. If you like what you see then do the full hike.

Precipice Trail, Maine

Distance: 1.8 miles
Best Time to Go: June till November
Situated in the Acadia National Park, this short hike is not an easy one. Veteran Visitors report that the hike is actually “heart-pounding.” While there is technically no actual climbing, you will have scramble and even do some actual boulder-hopping here. In fact, you will even have to use the specially placed iron rungs in order to get to the top.