April 18, 2021

These Cream-colored ‘coconut Ice’ Sunflowers Are What Any Garden Needs

Flowers are a thoughtful way of congratulating someone, celebrating, and even apologizing. We enrich our gardens, balconies, and homes with flowers. Sunflowers are loved by everyone since they remind us of warm summer days.

There are certain flowers that bring out the childhood wonder in all of us. One of those flowers for some of us is a sunflower. And there is a sunflower kind, which doesn’t look like the one we know it doesn’t look like the typical yellow flower we all have grown to love which is the “coconut ice” sunflower, and it is an F1 hybrid.


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This sunflower can grow 5 feet tall and spreads 20-24 inches, and it’s petals begin as creamy vanilla and end whitish. It has a black center. They are truly unique.

If you want to grow them, the best way is by planting the seeds precisely into the soil after a frost, and after 7- 10 days, the seedlings will appear.


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Also, you don’t have to fertilize these sunflowers, but watch out for pests. They only create one bloom, and after the bloom is spent, you can remove the plant, and make sure to remove killed-off plants, in order to avoid disease.