March 3, 2021

These Guilty-faced Adorable Pups Were Caught in the Act

Some people might say that why dogs love to chew on things it’s because puppies also like to annoy their owners every now and then, but that’s far from the truth. Dogs use their mouth the same way we use our hands as a tool for exploring the world around them, and that’s precisely what this lovely pup named Finley did. The flip-flops were just collateral damage, and we’re sure he’ll know better next time.

These photos are guaranteed to make you smile!

Meet Finley, the destroyer of flip flops

Lipstick pup

Pies aren’t for puppies

Lu loves blankets

Molly is a little too frisky

Couches are made for shredding

Vinnie, the lover of cat food

I have no shame

The leash chewer

It’s a bed, not a bathroom

The dreaded box of shame

Thunder and lightning, very very frightening

The sneaky food thief

New dog, new couch

The cookie gang

Sophia the shoe pooper

What a Little Stinker

Small dog, large price tag