April 14, 2021

These Wonderful Sunset Selfies

What happens when you spend a month living alone on an island in Maine with nothing but cardboard, scissors, and gorgeous sunsets to play with? This guy has created a series of “Sunset Selfies” that turn simple cutouts into whimsical stories.

As a writer and a filmmaker, he likes to get away from the computer each day and make something with my hands. He gets a big piece of cardboard, draws something, cuts it out fast with a knife and scissors, then goes pose with it at sunset. He calls them Sunset Selfies. Each one comes with a caption that makes them more like single-panel cartoons, and I hope you like them. See you at sunset!

More info: Instagram | Facebook

The Helpful Local

The Hike

The Glide

The Iron Giant

The Tour

The Incredible Hulk

The Realization

The Rescue

The Dog House

The Miscalculation

The Hunting Party

The Abduction

The Coyote

The Cannonball

The Hatch

The Disappointment

The Baby

The Ride

The Date

The Honeymoon