I Used AI To Find Out What These 33 Historical And Mythical Figures Would Look Like If They Were Modern Everyday People

The patina of history shrouds many famous personalities and mythical figures in mystery. The distance of time and the mastership of the artists make all of them look like, well, gods or demigods. Comparing yourself to them may be daunting, and you rarely think of them as regular people with normal needs. But they are, and I wanted to show you this. But how else could I do it if not with the help of artificial intelligence, which is pretty accessible these days, and it produces wonderful results.

It’s not the first time I’ve done this, and you may check out the previous post and see how I progressed since the last time. And without further ado, let’s me show you what I’ve done this time. I think it really proves that they could be any one of us, and us—any one of them. I hope this inspires you to do great things today. Enjoy!

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#1 Matau Tathonca

#2 Fayum Mummy Portrait

#3 Madame De Pompadour

#4 Hatsheput, Pharaoh

#5 Apollo

#6 Saint Joseph

#7 Lucifer

#8 Leonardo Da Vinci

#9 Joan Of Arc

#10 Isaac Newton

#11 Queen Nefertiti

#12 Zeus

#13 Statue Of Liberty

#14 Caligula

#15 Turin’s Holy Shroud

#16 Saladin, Sultan Of Egypt And Syria

#17 Johan Sebastian Bach

#18 Isabel, Princess Imperial Of Brazil

Signed the law for the liberation of slaves in Brazil.

#19 Ludwig Van Beethoven

#20 Aphrodite

#21 Christina Of Denmark

#22 Antonio Vivaldi

#23 Frederic Chopin

#24 Katherine Swynford

#25 Mary Shelley

#26 Costanza Bonarelli, Noblewoman, Merchant And Art Dealer

#27 Mary, Queen Of Scots

#28 Michelangelo’s David

#29 Miss Edith Corse Evans

She was one of 4 first-class women to die on the Titanic, her body never found.

#30 Cleopatra

#31 Livia Drusilla

#32 “The Sacred Heart Of Mary”

#33 Lady Of Elche

23 Y.O. Daughter Who Lives At Her Dad’s House Rent-Free “Exposes” Him On Social Media For Excluding Her From Family Vacation By Not Buying Her A Plane Ticket

Each parent has a different parenting style. With each parenting style comes a different way of showing a misbehaving child their wrongdoing, along with a different way of correcting such wrongdoings.

This father had a very terrible daughter. In his post in the Am I The A-Hole subreddit, he began by describing his daughter as someone who had a bad attitude and barely made it through high school. This is in contrast with her younger sister, who was the cream of the crop. To reward the younger, he thought of taking her on a fully-paid vacation. When the older heard of it, she wanted to come but agreed that she would pay her expenses. Come the day of the trip, the older hadn’t paid for her trip yet because she assumed that her father would vouch for her. Follow the full story below!

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This father is asking if he was wrong for not fully paying for her daughter’s vacation

Image credits: u/Minute-Commin-6625

The father received split reactions from those who believed he did nothing wrong and those who believed he practiced favoritism.

Image credits: u/Minute-Commin-6625

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