January 20, 2021

Wild Birds Captured in Slow-motion While Eating Out of the Palm of the Photographer’s Hand

It is not easy to interact with wild animal, especially birds which fly away immediately when they hear noise around. However, Jocelyn Anderson has a special skill for getting close to them. She’s a photographer based in Michigan, who is known for stunning photos of birds in their natural habitats. Her shots consist of still images of birds, but also slow motion videos of them eating right out of the palm of her hand.

From a red-bellied woodpecker to a tufted titmouse, Anderson captures a large variety of hungry birds. Her trick is simply holding out a handful of peanuts and sunflowers seeds in her steady hand, and waiting for the birds to come to her. This job requires a lot of patience, but the results of each bird snacking happily on her hand are amazing.

She started taking pictures when she received a camera as a birthday gift, and then being drawn to nature and trying to always learn more about her feathered friends, she was able to make a great portfolio for herself.

You can check more of  Anderson’s slow-motion bird videos on Instagram and YouTube.

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h/t: [PetaPixel]

All images via Jocelyn Anderson Photography.